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It’s time to change the password. Do you know how fast it can be hacked?

Do you also belong to the group of people whose password is the 1234 password or group? In this case, it’s time to change it. It is also not a good idea to choose variations of the type Password123, PasswordPassword, Password, the names of your children and pets, and your personal data. Hackers are not stupid, they don’t know what to try first.

From a security point of view, these passwords are weak and easy to crack. Practically immediately. Make sure your passwords aren’t easy to guess, says Luk Cirkva, editor at BCV Solutions.

Every day, cybercriminals try to steal the passwords of users from all over the world using both traditional and sophisticated methods. And even if cyber flows and threats are constantly evolving, you can still protect your data so that hackers can’t get hold of it. Theft of passwords and credentials gives me access to other services and can often be used to break into corporate networks and compromise the security of sensitive personal and business data, says Miloslav Lujka, country manager for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary of Check Point Software’s Cyber ​​Security Technologies.

Weak passwords take a long time

Hackers try to use weak passwords, use phishing scams, or steal malware to steal passwords and logins. and stuck to it. For a few hundred or hundreds of dollars, you can buy access to banking and PayPal™. Prices are scaled by scale on this. If you use the same or similar passwords on the Services, Representatives can get into other, often more difficult, passwords, i.e.

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Passwords help us protect our privacy, sensitive data, photos, and more. In the case of a weak password, it is only a matter of time when it intrudes on our privacy. When choosing a strong password, you should pay attention to its originality, length, and characters. We will not deceive anyone about the authenticity of our native village, the names and names of our children, or even what we have. The password should not be a password, I am the church.

How to create a secure password

m is a complex password, and t 잚 is how to crack it. The table compiled by experts shows how quickly hackers can crack passwords.

How is that?

Currently, cybersecurity experts recommend using a password with a minimum of 11 characters, which should contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.

On the other hand, we know that most of the time the user will use the first letter in capital letters and a word or two at the end, along with a word called dictionary, i.e. it is in the list of words in the given language. Thus, the variety of password breaches is rapidly decreasing, noted David Pcha of IT company Integra EMEA.

Putting weak spots in passwords

According to statistics, 60 percent of people use the same password on many websites. Half of users admit to using passwords that are at least five years old. And 13 percent of people have one password for all the websites and devices they own.

Pcha explains another problem with passwords is that the user saves them in an Internet browser, where the password can be accessed relatively easily. The first is to use a password manager with a unique and strong password. I can recommend, for example, the following tools: KeePass, Keeper and 1Password. It’s an easy-to-use, full-service expert.

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It works in such a way that after entering the device by double-clicking to select it, the password is copied into memory, and then immediately entered into the password format. The password is automatically deleted from memory after a few seconds, so nothing happens after you re-enter CTRL + V.

The procedure can also be simplified by integrating a password manager into an Internet browser. Then it automatically clears the username and password pre-filled in your login form. Compared to saved passwords stored in the browser, passwords are better protected, adds the expert from Integra EMEA.

Ask below to keep your password confidential

And could it happen that you don’t use hacker passwords? Experts recommend five basic rules:

1. Use a character set
Many users use a simple phrase or an important date as a password, so that hackers can guess the password, for example, the date of birth can be easily found. Therefore, combine different words, letters and symbols.

2. Different passwords for different services
Since a large number of applications and services nowadays require a password, it is tempting to use the same password for everyone. But this is the worst possible idea. You also don’t want to have one key for your car, home, office, and storage. Likewise, we should not use a single password that opens the door to our entire digital life to hackers. For your security and convenience, you can turn to a password manager that can manage it and thus generate strong password data.

3. M longer and stronger
That’s right, em del is a combination, tm is remembered. It is definitely one of the best ways to create a secure password. So use at least 8 characters, but don’t be afraid of long combinations either.

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4. Change passwords regularly
You can, for example, take a similar composition, combine it, complement it and dress it up. After that, you will have to think up and remember the passwords.

5. The two-factor egg is a composition
Even if you use a strong password for all the services you allow, it is necessary to activate two-factor authentication. Security is never enough.

Source: Check Point Software Technologies