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It's time to deal a "fatal" blow to the jihad movement in Gaza

It’s time to deal a “fatal” blow to the jihad movement in Gaza

The Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, announced on Saturday that his country will deal what he described as a “fatal” strike. of the Islamic Jihad Movement in the Gaza Strip.

While inspecting the Southern Military District Command, Kochavi said that the Islamic Jihad movement is being pursued, “and now it is under attack”, in reference to the military operation he launched. Israeli army Yesterday, it began with the liquidation of a prominent leader in the movement.

He also added, according to spokesman Avichai Adraei on Twitter, “We have plans of various kinds. We will not allow any organization here, in the north or in the West Bank… to prejudice the sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

“It is time for responses. Our response is a clear response, firstly by preventing any sabotage operation, and secondly by dealing a fatal blow to the Islamic Jihad organization,” he added.

From Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip

proactive operation

It is noteworthy that Israel launched air strikes on Gaza on Saturday, to which the Islamic Jihad responded by firing a barrage of missiles. Tel Aviv said it had to launch a “preemptive” operation against the Islamic Jihad movement, stressing that the group was planning an imminent attack after days of tension at the Gaza border.

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On Friday, Tel Aviv launched air strikes on Gaza, causing a number of deaths, including Taysir al-Jabari, a prominent leader in the Islamic Jihad, which responded by firing dozens of missiles at Israel.

Israeli bombing of Gaza

Israeli bombing of Gaza

On Saturday, Palestine TV reported that 15 people were killed and 125 wounded in the Israeli raids.

The latest escalation in Gaza comes after Israel arrested earlier this week, the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Basem Al-Saadi, accused of masterminding a series of attacks against Israel.