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It’s time to end the matter.. Trump supports McCarthy’s election as Speaker of the House

Former US President Donald Trump revealed, on Wednesday, his public support for Republican Kevin McCarthy, the candidate for Speaker of the House of Representatives, hours before the House resumed the attempt to elect a new president.

And the House of Representatives postponed, on Tuesday evening, the session to elect its speaker until Wednesday morning, after 3 rounds of polling, during which the Republican majority failed to muster the necessary votes to elect McCarthy as speaker, in a precedent that had not occurred in 100 years.

And Trump wrote, on Wednesday, in a post on “Truth Social Media” that “now is the time for all members of the House of Representatives (..) to vote for Kevin,” and end the matter.

He added: “Republicans… do not turn a major victory into a major and embarrassing defeat.”

Trump also spoke with some lawmakers on the phone Tuesday about the matter, according to NBC, two people familiar with the calls.

During the three consecutive ballots, McCarthy, a representative from California, failed to convince a group of his fellow Trump supporters to elect him to succeed Nancy Pelosi, as they maintained their opinion that he was too “moderate”.

In the third round, McCarthy got 202 votes, down one vote from the second round, while the Democratic leader, Hakeem Jeffries, got 213 votes.

The election of the “Speaker of the House of Representatives”, the third most important figure in the American political scene after the president and his vice president, requires a majority of 218 votes. It is a threshold that McCarthy was unable to reach after Tuesday’s rounds, and after about 20 Trump supporters decided to block his election.

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During a brief interview with NBC on Tuesday, Trump avoided reaffirming his support for McCarthy for the Speaker’s position, after he had supported him publicly earlier.

Trump said, “We’ll see what happens (..) We’ll see how everything works,” but he spoke to McCarthy later on Tuesday night, and reassured him, according to the American network.

“Trump has already reiterated his support,” McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol late Tuesday. “I spoke to him tonight.”

And with the Republicans enjoying the majority in the House of Representatives, President Joe Biden and the Democrats will not be able to pass major new projects.

But with the Democrats in control of the Senate, their opponents will not be able to do so either.