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It's time to return the favor, said Joseph Berisha.  And invested in the company from his accelerator

It’s time to return the favor, said Joseph Berisha. And invested in the company from his accelerator

Prusa Research is a manufacturer of printers. And for the money. With EBITDA of around half a billion crowns a year, its shareholders, led by Joseph Berisha, are already thinking about what to do next with the money. For example, they launched an accelerator in the Prusa Lab workshop to help develop hardware projects.

In the first year, they supported three. The first of them is called Posedla and custom bike saddles are being developed. The second is the ambitious Vanilla Robotics, whose field is autonomous pickup trucks. The third has an overlap in the art world and is called Audire Fluctus.

“It’s time to give back,” Joseph Breccia said during Tuesday’s presentation, also announcing that an investment has already been made in one of the backed projects. He bought a minority stake in the first mentioned company Posedla for 15 million crowns.

The young billionaire proudly commented on the investment: “I was struck by the fact that within a year the idea was ready for production.” Enthusiastic cyclists Jiří Dužár and Martin ípa are behind the project, who didn’t get much praise for the throttle.

“When we said we needed a carbon workshop, we got it in a month. Thanks to the accelerator, we were simply able to try many of the things we eventually made,” Řípa praised himself. The young company must use saddles to create a custom saddle, and the real sale and expedition should start the young company within a month.

However, this is not the first investment for Průš herself. Last summer, they invested in travel platform Worldee along with namesake business partner Ondřej Průša. In March of this year, together with Marek Moravec’s Nation1 fund, they backed startup Pealock, which is developing a smart lock.

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However, the main face of the 3D printing empire is already eyeing applications for the next round of accelerator and confirms that it will focus more on sustainability in the second call. “Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined it would turn out so well. That there are so many creatives who are able to finish ideas off” Billionaire Průša.