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“It’s weird who doesn’t approve of the vaccine” – Libero Codidiano

The battle for corona virus vaccines continues. The latest comes from the United States. Message, something provided Piero de Lorenzo, The RPM leader of Pomegranate who is not free from suspicion. “President Drake is doing his best to implement all possible measures, including diplomatic measures, to obtain as much as possible from the producing countries – the company that is collaborating with AstroGeneca to develop Anglo-Swedish medicine – with the highest productivity in the UK, India and the US.

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All three have blocked exports, however Strange thing The United States did the same, and that’s it The drug is not approved They have stored about 30 million units. I am not a representative of AstraZeneca, but when I ask about 30 million levels these numbers are very believable. The United States also distributes them to Canada and Mexico, so there is no doubt that the vials are there. But the country’s authorities ordered the siege: the company could not do it There is nothing to change the political decision“.

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Later, de Lorenzo, as consulted by class CNBC, would have sold 29 million units at the Anagni plant outside of Europe. “Another Example of mystification. When filled, the sizes should be stable for about twenty days to assess whether they contain contaminants. It almost felt like AstraZeneca wanted it Bury the vials under the table. As Irfin’s legal representative I have to sign the announcements for the 20 dose pocket: here we are talking about 29 million. ” In practice, Gave about ten billion Turnover “.

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