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Jaafar Al-Omda, Episode 29 .. The shock of Jaafar, Shawqi and Karem, who killed Dalal Bilal Shama

Written by Mustafa Al-Qasabi

Thursday, April 20, 2023 07:25 PM

Episode 29 of Jaafar Al-Omda series Dalal Bilal killed Shama in front of her two brothers, Shawky and Karem, and she admitted that she was behind everything that happened to her husband, Jaafar the mayor.

Dalal said: “Let’s bury him, and Jaafar will not know anything. He will continue to search for his son throughout his life. I endured a lot. I lived with a person who killed my brother. I endured a person who married me to stupid people, and I endured a lot of things.” Muhammad Ramadan heard all of this through a surveillance camera that he placed in his cell. Bilal Shama’s place.

And witnessed the events of the previous episode of the Jaafar Al-Omda series, Dalal “Iman Al-Asi” killed Bilal Shama with a knife, in front of her two brothers, Shawky and Karem, after she went to Bilal Shama in his prison on Jaafar Al-Omda’s farm, and confessed in front of them that she was behind everything that happened to Ibn Jaafar Al-Omda.

The Jaafar El-Omda series, starring Mohamed Ramadan, Zina, Hala Sedky, Eman El-Assi, May Kassab, Menna Fadali, Ahmed Dash, Munther Rayahna, Essam El-Sakka, Farida Seif El-Nasr, Magdy Badr, Ahmed Fahim, Fattouh Ahmed Salwa Othman, Farida Seif El-Nasr, Emad Safwat, Juri Bakr, Tariq Al-Nahri, Ahmed Abdullah, Ihsan Al-Turk and guest of honor Bayoumi Fouad, and it was written and directed by Muhammad Sami, and participated in the script and dialogue by Mohab Tariq and produced by Media Hub Saadi – Johar, sponsored by United Media Services.

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The events revolve around a popular social framework, around Jaafar the mayor (Muhammad Ramadan), who is in his fourth decade of life, has 3 wives, owns contracting companies, and enters into many conflicts, whether at work or away from work, then during his career he meets “Aida” (Zina He gets to know her and a story full of surprises arises between them.