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Jan Nedved: Old Pavlenka

I won’t eat lunch, I will be ruined. I told them both to honor them because they lasted so long together. She is an angel and is a member of the Ministry of Resilience and Durability. the hat. He said it must have been a great love for them Jan Nedved In Prague in front of Showtime’s Old Town Hall.

Pavelinka’s young seventy-year-old wife Musikant celebrated her 37th birthday this year. mm Pavlnku stran moc rd. And if I have anything to do with him, he is growing by my side. Although he is a star, he will be in his thirties. mm have under power. Hunza Nidav describes himself as a partner when we met.

I’m glad even if it’s a stupid word. I’m glad there are people like Pavlenka. A mon i ten brcha. Come here and go. We have to do that too. But we’ve only been together for fifteen years, with Honza Nedvd. Twenty, his wife corrects him.

This is how Zpvk revealed that to the delight of all fans, Brother Nedvd’s party will likely take place again in the future. It looks like the O2 arena will be too. We were singing together at dvno. But the moment we started performing, Frantisek fell ill. And when he recovered, I fell ill for a change. Then my teeth fell out. He explains to an ordinary fisherman that when one of his teeth falls out, give him a new bag.

The dog Nedved after the surgery pumped 16 liters of water from his mouth

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Let’s talk about it. But as ruthless. It’s stupid, but fair. I will be 75 and my brother is 74. We have a lot in common with us, Jan Nedved added, adding that his sick son said he was sorry.

I don’t know, but my son replaced me. My teeth are mm, nerves are mm in a horseshoe, I hear and have never had an attack in my life. iji like each other, i don’t have a problem. Even with my belly mm, d with ct, very correct relationships. And both have a brotherly relationship. The words of Mo Ibn M Merz. But so … Jan Nedved laughs. He is young, fifty years old.

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