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Japan has assured the United States that it will maintain "close contact" in the Olympic Games

Japan has assured the United States that it will maintain “close contact” in the Olympic Games

The Telegraph

Championship clubs are demanding clarification of finances for next season

Frustrated clubs in the tournament are demanding an explanation from the Rugby Football Union, as English Tier 2 players are still unaware of the level of funding they will receive for the next season. Budget cuts and financial side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that each club has received only about £ 160,000 per year. Central funding at the start of the 2020-21 season, compared to around £ 600,000 two years ago. The Russian Federation has funded nearly £ 90,000 for the season, with the remaining £ 70,000 available from Premiership Rugby Limited. However, less than a month into the current season and less than two months before the Premier League clubs meet again before the 2021-22 season, the tournament remains vague about the level of funding it will receive from the Premier League. RFU and PRL. Telegraph Sport understands that clubs do not expect an increase or decrease in funding, with plans and budgets set for the next season accordingly, and the Federation affirmed that it aims to “provide security to finance the next season in the coming weeks”. “There are rumors, but we do not know the money that we will see from the Russian Federation or the Premier League for the next season and beyond,” Alistair Bao, president of Nottingham, who is ranked tenth, told The Telegraph Sport. Covide, we’re at Ground Zero, so now we have to count on a budget for our worst case scenario. We assume, by expanding our budget, that we will not get more money [from the RFU and PRL] Than we get. “As Covid continues to spread, not only will financing be damaged, but we will be dependent on a budget for fewer fans for the next season, as there is no guarantee that we will return to full potential.” We are semi-professionals, but I cannot budget for a fully professional team because there is not enough income. There is uncertainty about central funding, uncertainty about the duel and uncertainty about the tournament model, the Covid; When you have all of these things, you can only budget for what you know. There are many doubts. Bow’s counterpart in Coventry V, John Sharp, added that planning for the next season was “impossible”. How do we get it? “Sharp told Telegraph Sport.” Starting in January is normal. Regardless of the epidemic, the situation remains uncertain due to the continuing uncertainty. “This uncertainty was not helped by funding from tournament clubs, which had to play matches behind closed doors until the end of last week, as the main source of league revenue was money from ticket sales and hospitality.” The Saturday door for Arabs, but even then was incredibly restrictive – we had 1,400 in the country, “Sharp said. With all of Covid’s other security measures, if we made any money – I don’t know the answer yet – I’d be very surprised. I imagine we’re going to lose money. Bow and Sharp also argue that if the Premier League suspends relegation indefinitely, PRL should increase their payments to tournament clubs originally set up to compensate Level 2 for canceling promotional playoffs. The matches at home against the Premier League team beat anything else in the championship season. Poe adds, “We would be full of our match against Muslims – and we were looking to move it to Meadow Lane (Knots County). It was worth £ 70,000. We are that game. We were expecting a crowd of 10,000. And Sharp added:” If there was any form of Forms of duel, the championship clubs must be compensated for this losing match against the English Premier League team. In response, a spokesperson for the federation said: “The financing of the tournament is variable and linked to the profits of the Russian Federation. It is possible that the Russian Federation will incur a loss of between 30 and 35 million pounds this year, but we have continued to provide funding for the tournament and have not arranged it proportionately in a shorter season.” Russian Football Association is responsible for supporting the game of the wider community and its clubs in 1900. “Any decision to advance to the squad or to relegate to the first division requires a vote by the Council of the Russian Federation at the end of June. No decision. “

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