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Japan: New Spacecraft Support Systems

Japan: New Spacecraft Support Systems

(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) News Agent- The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced that it is working on a project to develop new systems to generate oxygen, water and energy for spacecraft and future stations that will be built outside Earth.
In a blog post on its website recently, JAXA indicated that it had agreed with the Japanese company Honda to work on a joint project to develop systems to support extraterrestrial life, and that the project mainly aims to develop equipment capable of analyzing water into oxygen and hydrogen with the help of electricity derived from solar cells, and technologies To integrate these two components into fuel cells to obtain fresh water and electrical energy as well, which will help provide oxygen, water and energy in spacecraft and future space facilities.”
The agency indicated that it and Honda are supposed to finish making prototypes of such technologies by April next year, and will test the technologies in artificial environments that will simulate space environments in terms of temperatures and radiation rates.

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The agency is working with Honda to develop the aforementioned technologies within the framework of a joint cooperation agreement they signed in November last year, and their cooperation is also supposed to result in the development of technologies for renewable energy systems to work in the lunar orbital station to be built in the future.

In addition to cooperating with Honda, JAXA is also working with the Japanese company Toyota to develop a rover powered by hydrogen and oxygen fuel batteries for use in the moon exploration.
Source: Russia Today

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