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Japanese Exoticism: A Hobby in Saucy Fashion to Escape From Reality

McMay 28, 2021 • 09:00

For many years now, cosplay has not only dominated Japan or East Asia. Besides the hype phenomenon, she has quietly but sharply transported into the Western world, although on the street you will still be dressed in an exotic costume as Thor, Daenerys, or Pokémon Pikachu. But when you choose place and time, you can be a star. In Japan, they get a little further. In addition to various events and competitions, there are also restaurants where you will be surrounded by famous characters from games and movies.

If you take your grandmother to a costume event, she may ask why she took her to a fancy dress. However, you can talk about cosplay, moreover, masquerades and carnivals are kind of their predecessors. It can be seen that even after hundreds of years, we would like to transform into another person – or something -.

Surprisingly, the wearing of modern costumes and special occasions dedicated to them did not start in Japan, but in the United States among science fiction fans. Also originated here are “zines” (magazines), “cony” (fan meetings), and the term fandom (fan associations). The wear of the costume spread over the various cones so much that it spread outside the perimeter. To Japan.

In 1984, Nobuyuki Takahashi described a science fiction masquerade from Los Angeles to friends and acquaintances and published it in his home country, where he called it “cosplay”. By the 1990s, every Japanese already knew it, and many have practiced it. An escape from the harsh reality of claiming life in Japan, as well as colorful filling of gray life and harmless fun.

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Soon the first costume cafes began to appear here. There were also contests for the best outfit, which brought the fun back into the US and Europe in its current form. Today, cosplay isn’t just science fiction, but maybe everything – from manga or anime characters to comic book characters to monsters from computer games. Costumes can be incredibly dirty or complicated, bought or home-sewn on the knee. There are no limits to imagination.

However, in recent years, cosplay has also accompanied scandals and problems. Women are mainly intended for him, and their outfits are often very sexy and revealing, which often attract the attention of … the disrespectful elements. Sexual harassment has reached the point that even among the son of the famous comedian in San Diego, giant signs have been placed that say “Cosplay does not imply consent.”