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سائق قطار يابانى يطالب بتعويض 20 ألف دولار بعد تغريمه بسبب تأخره دقيقة

Japanese train driver demands $20,000 in damages after fined him for being one minute late

A Japanese train driver filed a lawsuit against the company he works for, demanding compensation of about $20,000 for the psychological suffering he suffered after the company deducted about half a dollar from his salary..

According to Sputnik, the train company, GR West, fined the driver 56 yen ($ 0.49) after a train he was driving was delayed in June 2020..

The company said that the train that the driver was driving was one minute behind schedule, and that the driver did not do any work during the stop.

The website pointed out that the driver, whose name was not given, is seeking through the court 2.2 million yen ($ 19,407) in compensation for the psychological suffering he suffered..

As for the story, only the Japanese site, it dates back to June 2020, when the driver was scheduled to drive a train without a load to Okayama station in the south of the country, but he arrived at the wrong station platform and waited to take over driving from the previous driver, and when he realized his mistake he set off to the right platform, but this Causes a two-minute delay in changing drivers, resulting in a one-minute delay in train departures and a one-minute delay in train storage in the depot.

JR West considered the driver’s dereliction of duty and initially fined him 85 yen ($0.75), but the driver filed a complaint with the Okayama Labor Standards Examination Office, and the company reduced the fine to 56 yen ($0.49)..

The employee refused to accept the reduced fine, pointing out that “the delay did not cause actual disruption to schedules or passengers because the train was empty,” but the company said that it applied the principle of “no work, no wages,” as is the case for the employee’s late arrival or absence. unexplained.

The driver filed his case with the Okayama District Court in March 2021, seeking compensation.

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