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Princezna Latífa (vpravo) v Dubaji.

Jata lost Princess Latphi. UN forced his photos, which appeared on Instagram | Swi

Dubai / Brahu New photos from the Dubai Mall have given a chapter to the bizarre story of Emirtsk Princess Latfa. However, it is not clear what his fate will be from the dramatic attempt to weave the Emir in 2018.

You have been staying in an unknown city for many years for your reason, and then suddenly appear with a bird in a very busy city and show photos from this meeting in public, disappearing unnoticed again. Princess Latfa McDow, the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Emir of Dubai of Mohammed Maktoum, is set to do just that in recent days.

Zionet Taylorov

Meanwhile, Bipu’s last act, reminiscent of a fifth detective, was purchased at the beginning of the past, and photos were posted on Instagram this week. There is a latfa with two other women at a table in a shopping mall in Dubai. One of the photos has the label Prima Veer Fideli and in the background you can see the ad for a film that only started showing in the UAE in mid-May. This indicates that the images may be simultaneous.

In the last photo, Latfa is sitting in a cafe, looking at the camera with a small pump, and next to her is a woman, who is well known to those familiar with the case. The women who appear in the photos are all real men, known by the name of one of them.

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Like the nose picture

life pbh Today, for five years, Latfi took the dramatic turn of 2018, when the princess tried to escape from the UAE for the second time. With the help of a series of associates his voyage led to a boat made on the waters of the Indian Award winning dog named Omn. A few days later, when the ship was not far from sailing west to India, it was able to sail on international waters by order of the Special Forces of the Indian and Emirati Forces.

The event was co-sponsored by the United Arab Emirates and India’s secret services, and involved the warships and aircraft of both countries, as described in the film bkov. Among other things, the gunmen boarded the boat with the help of lightning grants and captured the crew, after which Latfa was flown back to the Emirate.

Since then, the princess has been staying in an unknown city and, according to the controversy, the Emirate family’s information is fine. However, as the video announcement released by the BBC this year suggests, the truth may be very different: in it the princess talks about staying involuntarily in a villa with dark windows and wall shelves. The circumstances of the origin of the identity and the manner in which it is to be removed are not clear.

Sajme se o du

David Hai, co-founder of the media campaign Osvopot Latfu, says the release of the latest photos has given a positive signal throughout. The only accurate message of how to send a bag of photos obscure, is that there is a change in the case. This may be due to UN pressure, which in recent months has begun to take a serious interest in the princess’ fate, with the UAE submitting evidence that the princess is still alive in April.

Princess Lot

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Latfin’s case is attracting a lot of attention, especially in the United Kingdom, where the case will inevitably appear in the thin months. In the past, the British Isles have twice been the subject of other controversial PPTs belonging to the Magdam family. In 2000, Latfin’s older sister, Amsu, was left untouched by her father in Cambridge, leaving her family with the intention of staying in London permanently during the holidays in the UK. And Hajja, Muhammad’s ex-wife, fled the Emirate to the United Kingdom in 2019 and filed for divorce.

Only international organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have so far criticized the strange situation in the Dubai family. In contrast, the British government has a remarkable humility. The strong statement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson became known after the release of the Norwegian video.We will be interested in our case and look forward to further development. And British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb said there was no government case in Latfin’s mind with Emir leaders.

The United Arab Emirates is officially the main ally of the United Kingdom, the two countries maintain trade relations for nuclear cooperation from the exchange of ordinary goods, to the satisfaction of about 100,000 Britons in the Persian Gulf. For the British government, Latfi’s fate is at least a moral embarrassment.

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