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Jean Jane: Brexit is a stumbling block for the British government again?

Jean Jane: Brexit is a stumbling block for the British government again?

Also because it is often limited to empty promises of steps not yet made and unimportant or strange, which elicits reactions from humorists. For example, it’s about changing the color of passports from “European” red to dark blue, but it’s not a word that the government had to print passports in Poland, a union the Brexit government hates.

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Among other “benefits” of Brexit, the document praises the fact that at the time of beer glasses, the royal crown again appeared next to the volume bar. He also spoke of “the restoration of Britain’s global sovereignty”, which concludes free trade agreements “with many countries around the world.” However, there are only two completely new agreements on the table – with Australia and New Zealand – and they have not yet been fully concluded, threatening British farmers. And the desired agreement with America is on ice.

It’s best not to remember the messy and unsuccessful Brexit, but the documentary may have been the national government’s quick ideological response to a recent report by Make UK and international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is still incomplete

For example, a critical report said two-thirds of businesses were affected by last year’s Brexit, and 56 percent of them were bothered by delays in customs procedures and product label changes.

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Car exports, which account for 55 percent of production in the union, have been hit hard, but 90 percent of manufacturers are experiencing a negative “paper crash”. At the same time, the influential Union of Industrialists criticizes government policy.

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In addition, unfortunately for the government, another report highly critical of Brexit appeared a week after its document, prepared by the House Committee to Monitor Public Expenditure. He points to the lifting of virus restrictions, an increase in international trade and the return of truck miles on highways to Dover, Europe’s main commercial port.

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MEPs say the government has promised that Brexit will increase productivity, but it has introduced lengthy border controls and the only visible effect so far is to increase the burden on businesses. Thus, there are complications such as high costs, unnecessary paperwork and delays at the border.

Unfortunately, new inspections of food and animal products, which threaten further delays, are due to begin in July, MEPs warned. The commission’s report also called on the government to lift restrictions on anti-dumping activities carried out by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which is unable to counter the attempts of politicians and governments such as China, as the union does.

Jan Jin

There is no doubt that starchy Tory leader Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has now been transferred to ‘Brexit Seeker’ prime minister, could quickly change something. For example, the financial services of the endangered City of London are awaiting the Brexit agreement.

Yes, Brexit is still far from the optimistic expectations of its supporters, moreover, it is still incomplete. So it is no wonder that critical voices are proliferating and the government is facing them worse.

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