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جدارية من نسخة سابقة للمهرجان - أرشيفية

Jedar Festival.. Traveling Moroccans through the colors of street art

The 2022 Jedar Street Art Festival is leading Moroccans on a journey across the world with colors and paintings adorning the streets of the capital, Rabat.

Until the end of July, the streets of the Moroccan capital, Al-Rabet, will host the activities of the previous edition of the Jedar Festival – Street Art.

This year’s session, with the participation of 12 plastic artists from 7 countries in the world, they will work on drawing 9 murals throughout Rabat, a collective wall and the organization of an art exhibition.

According to the organizers, the festival, which has been organized since 2015, aims to place art at the heart of urban space, where it can be clearly seen and discussed by all.

It also works to give a voice to urban cultures in all their expressions, to open up the “unheard” Moroccan horizons and to highlight in a greater way the artistic commitments.

This year, artists: Ed Oner, Reda Boudine, Tema, Bougraf, Manolo Mesa, Jurass Doris, Pantonio, Brian Young and Toon.

Across seven countries, the festival travels in Rabat, between Morocco and Senegal, to Spain and the Czech Republic, through Portugal, then from Canada to Japan, and in fact.

Through his murals, the audience will discover many unknown places, and we will plunge into an ocean of symbols, shapes and colors.

The festival encourages emerging talents by inviting a group of young talents to discover the world of murals under the supervision of one of the prominent names in the field.

In this regard, this year’s “Common Wall” will be under the supervision of the Moroccan artist Ayoub Obeid, better known as NORMAL.

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In addition to all of the above, there are other highlights of the festival, where Moroccan artist Adam Belarouchi will paint one of the six facades of the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat, through a wonderful piece that will be completed on tarpaulin and will cover the mentioned facade.

During the 7th edition of the Rabat Street Art Wall-Festival, the art of serigraphy – screen printing will be celebrated with demonstrations and creative workshops with Spanish artist Gemma Berbinger at the Atelier Ambigu Gallery.

It should be noted that the street art festival will last for 10 days, and during this period, many artistic activities will be organized in various neighborhoods of the capital, Rabat, ranging from murals, artistic residencies, workshops, as well as an exhibition and others.