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Jeep Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L offer more room and six cylinders

Jeep Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L offer more room and six cylinders

In addition to the extended L version, which extends the body by another 30 cm, the automaker also offers a new carbide version with plenty of dark-painted accessories.

Jeep has decided to take the interior of its best Wagoneer models to a new level, bringing the first American model, the Cadillac Escalade ESV. In addition, Wagoneer will also offer a new version of the Carbide for 2023 with a set of black accessories.

But let’s start with the technical changes, which in the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L models are essentially a wheelbase extension (compared to standard) of 7 inches (17.8 cm) to 330.2 cm and a body extension of 12 inches (30.5 cm) to 575.8 cm.

At first glance, both cars look quite overgrown, but the automaker boasts that thanks to this body setup, the Wagoneer L offers up to 1.3 cu m of space behind the third row of seats, 2.4 cu m behind the second row of seats and up to 3 cu m behind the first row of seats.. 7 m3. The Grand Wagoneer L offers better values ​​for the third and second rows of seats.

Then colleagues from Motor1, who pointed out the new version of the Wagoneer, compared the overgrown Jeep SUV with other competitors abroad. The biggest challenge remains the Cadillac Escalade, which in the ESV version offers a longer wheelbase and overall length. This is also reflected in the roominess behind the first and second rows of seats, where the Cadillac Jeep excels, but behind the third row of seats, the Wagoneer L offers more room.

For those who want to travel in larger numbers, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer L may be a more interesting option. After all, the interior can be configured with seven seats, where there are two captain’s seats in the second row, or even eight, when there are seats for three passengers in the second and third rows.

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In terms of equipment, the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L offer a digital instrument panel, infotainment system, front-passenger screen or rear entertainment system—a total screen space of 75 inches. An additional 10-inch viewfinder or digital rearview mirror is available at an additional cost. The automaker also offers the McIntosh audio system in several versions, which can have from 19 to 23 speakers.

The new version of the Wagoneer will be the Carbide Edition, which will offer a set of accessories painted in glossy black. The dark palette is decorated, for example, with wheels, radiator grille, mirror caps, ceiling shelves or light ornaments. Inside the car there is Global Black upholstery with smoke stitching, black roof panel, three-part sunroof or instrument panel and door panels with technical hydrographic graphics.

Under the hood of both models is a 3.0-liter Hurricane with twin turbo, which delivers 313 kW and 635 Nm of torque for the Wagoneer L, and up to 380 kW and 678 Nm of torque for the Grand Wagoneer L. Both engines are connected to eight Automatic speeds. There are three types of all-wheel drive to choose from (Quadra-Trac I/II and Quadra-Drive II). Standard is a classic chassis, but for the Grand Wagoneer L you also get an additional Quadra-Lift aerodynamic chassis.