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Jeff Bezos leaves “Amazon” to space – the economic – the global economy

Jeff Bezos is entering a new stage in his career after he built from a humble online library one of the most powerful companies in the world, “Amazon”. The 57-year-old businessman is stepping down as general manager today to his right-hand man Andy Gacy, seeking to devote himself to other projects. But he will retain a key role in the company he founded 27 years ago by continuing as CEO of its board.

And Bezos gives up the day-to-day management of his company in order to devote more time to other projects, such as his company “Blue Origin”, which will launch the first space tourism flight on July 20, with Jeff Bezos among its passengers. Bezos also owns the Washington Post and has announced that he wants to dedicate time and money to fighting climate change.

Bezos’ stepping down comes at a time when regulators or those active in the field of employee defense directed many criticisms at Amazon, whose number of employees in the United States rose to more than 800,000 after its business grew during the pandemic. While Amazon insists that it has a minimum hourly wage of $15 and provides various benefits to its workers, its critics are so obsessed with efficiency that it treats employees as if they were machines.

While Bezos has been praised for his many innovations that have sometimes shaken entire economic sectors, he has also been criticized for some business practices that crush competition, or for the treatment of his employees.


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