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Jeffim Phytizn: Surprisingly short list

Jeffim Phytizn: Surprisingly short list

If they really should be on the list of countries threatening security, or at least have the international reputation of the Russian state, then it is completely incomprehensible why it does not have Poland, the Baltics, Great Britain or such Ukraine.

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It is doubtful that this will be a list of powerful enemies, but the stabbing of two states that are weak in muscle spasms is uncertain, so Russia can easily punish them by showing the world the grief and swelling they claim. Significance. It is not so easy and safe to ridicule countries with a very strong position, the community is close here, so it is better to exclude such countries from the list of enemies.

Czech track

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When talking for free about the strength of the Czech position. With each step, the Czech government sank into more treacherous swamps; Such a Chechnya carols about ridicule and punishment, which is why it is on the list of enemies of Russia. The Czech Republic, in its broadest sense, provoked Putin’s foreign minister and well – known criminal Sergei Lavrov with derogatory words: “After all, those in Prague cannot accept that they are really blaming Russia. It is not surprising that the EU is taking them seriously.” At the request of the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Boral, how Brock can enjoy international respect: “The Union stands behind the Czech Republic as a mountain, but today our priority is to normalize the damaged relations with Russia.” Understand: the mountain has once again created a mouse.

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American audience

The Kremlin must have had the same feeling that the United States is currently facing intellectual weakness and delusion from the behavior of the new American administration. Listen to the words of Crobian Lavrov after his meeting with his opponent Anthony Bling in Reykjavk on the sidelines of the Arctic Council.

He praised President Biden’s tireless efforts to meet with Putin in person, and stressed that the Kremlin would consider when, where, and what audiences would be provided to Americans. He actually said: “Unfortunately, the policy of confrontation with Russia began during the time of Barack Obama. Donald Trump, although he was expected to do better, increased the hostility towards us. The current president is honest and will do anything to repair this damage from the past, with mutual respect and genuine. We also hope that our relationship will be grounded in friendship. ”If Blinken wanted to oppose such an explanation, he would certainly do so, but he did not object, and obviously such an explanation did not seem outrageous to him.

The United States also speaks with a divided tongue today. On the one hand, Congress endorses divine sanctions against companies that supply the Northern Stream Power Line 2, which is of major strategic importance to Russia, and on the other hand, justifies the raising of sanctions by its spokesman Zhen Zhao. Important ally – Germany.

Jeffim Phytogen

Kateina CibulkaCzech Radio Plus

Just below the line, Sackie says it is still not possible to prevent the gas pipeline connection from being completed because it is shortly before approval. That outrageous Trump was able to halt construction for a year and two months, but five days after Biden came to power, work resumed and the strike continued at pace. Today, before the ceremonial decree, the wonderful project can no longer be stopped. Although Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky has expressed deep disappointment at the actions of a progressive American colleague, who is listening to him, the Ukrainians? He was one of the idiots who believed that Biden would now show the arrogant Russian what his elbow was. He is begging for a short list of Russia’s enemies because now he can be easily mocked.

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