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Jemelka (JPF): Waiting for you.  Economic life in Europe is ascertaining the true character and value of the population

Jemelka (JPF): Waiting for you. Economic life in Europe is ascertaining the true character and value of the population

After years of absolute luxury and economic prosperity, the people of the old continent will be at stake. a job. Ji Jemelka, MBA, from JPF (JIP for comp) claims that many of us are not ready for this.

rest is a necessity

comp Conveniently, they often did not develop business or marketing, because they captured a certain demand from the outside. The staff is again accustomed to people not. They were in high demand and the reward for rocket work, often above their productivity, increased. Once we received a relatively large sum of money, I would venture to honor him. Soon the tough things will come and there will be a Klaus uprising taut. The city is fully allowed to do this twice a year, and buying a new car is essential. And comp? You are stzliv.

Responsibility for the family and company test

It turns out that a number of us look longingly at stt and reach out. But help does not come from here, there are no resources and spending them in this way would be very uneconomical. Te kad z ns mus zat sm u sebe.

A lesson in negative emotions

So what do you do? First of all, it is necessary to accept the situation as it is. Don’t think that everything will be in a horseshoe, or that the end of the world can everyone. Negative mood is not for anyone. This frightening feeling kills the remnants of the impulse that accumulate in people and kills the downward spiral that leads to falls. No one extreme way is the right way to go.

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Reasonable distance and filling

Now you need to put on a poker mask and it all makes sense. Cool and analytical position map that Corporation Next, choose the point where you want to move and fill the neck with your neck to do whatever you need to do to make it happen. You cannot change everything 180 degrees and live radically from day to day. It’s almost not the right time. On the contrary, make a full day and then carry it out consistently day in and day out.

Reserves, Marketing and Acquisition

You will bear the rest of the costs. You need to work on the efficiency and productivity of your co-workers. We must be real and do our best to devote the maximum of ourselves. It is not appropriate to discourage commerce and marketing. exactly the contrary. Intensification of troop gain. Only the strongest will survive the crisis compThose who are weak and unmotivated will fall. Those who really want and have a clear vision, will move and move. Let’s all keep you safe. When we can do it now, let’s fly like a rocket in better times.

They lose out on the values ​​I hold dear

Personally, I am optimistic. Some of you lose hundreds of goods, the rest are inevitable. But we can change it or turn it into real values. Because what is important? Vacations in a five-star resort or working families and relationships? Is it better to enjoy the luxury in a golden cage, or do you have the freedom and space to achieve your goal as independently as possible?

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Creativity and hard work as the best tradable commodity

I am not afraid to work, to engage constructive-minded people. He who wants will always find his way, even if it takes a little time sometimes. So let’s not look to the future with great fears, but take the new situation as a bald spot. When we use it, it will lead us not only to work, but also to personal growth. I drink and I do my best.