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Jiří Prskavec

Jerry Prescavek before the start of the European Championship: I miss my family. This is part of it

Would you rather not be with your loved ones now?
It’s a little annoying that I couldn’t take the family with me. On the other hand, I really look forward to racing. There was a lot of training and I also enjoy the time getting back into the boat community, although there are a lot of restrictions. It’s nice to meet friends here. For example, the British haven’t been able to race for long, and I haven’t seen them since the 2019 World Cup.

Tell me, do you miss the kids and your wife between the exercises?
It’s only gone for two weeks, but I definitely miss it. It belongs to it.

How did Marijic receive in the first place?
Usually Theresa and I were at birth. I spent the first night with them, then went to see Cicek, who was at home with his grandmother. We picked them up for the next two days and I had probably the most beautiful moment of my life.

We came to the maternity hospital, Cicechik was carrying a huge flower. He was so cute when he handed her over to his mom and saw his brother for the first time. He laughed and could be seen as happy. I’ll put this picture in my head for death. It’s so cute when the boys are together. I am looking forward to growing.

How many times have you been in touch?
Terka went to Kozlovice with her kids to see her parents and she’s still sending me movies. I have information, but it’s not like I was with them. But of course racing is also important to me. I realize this will be the first time Cicecic has seen me on TV. Otherwise, my mom and I would always live with me. Show me how he will cheer. I am really looking forward to this video.

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You will go to the finals on Saturday. Are you going to hurry home right away?
I’d like to, but all of the Czechs go on show on Sundays. I don’t even know if there is a car available here. If I tried to ride with Slovaks or Poles, for example, who could bring me closer to home. If that doesn’t work, I’ll stay here and keep my fingers crossed for us. It’s not about life.

You won the European Championship four times. How important is this race to you this year?
The first season is the Olympics. A decision had to be made whether to focus on Ivree and slightly impoverish Tokyo’s preparations, or shift priorities. I decided on the second option.

Can’t say I’m 100% Europe ready, the form is not race-tuned. I was preparing especially for the tournament while staying at the tournament venue.

The track in Ivree is said to be specific and that you have never ridden.
It’s true, and it doesn’t play much for me. Preparations are heading to Tokyo, but I’m not saying I don’t stand a chance here. I’m looking forward to the race, even though I’m not in great shape and the party is tuned. But I definitely think I can still succeed. You will need to get to the right streak, be mental and drive clean.

Are you currently thinking about the Olympics?
I have Tokyo in my head. It pushes me forward. It’s a huge incentive and a second chance for me after Rio. I don’t know if any of them will take part in the huge competition of Czech kayak makers. But on Ivree, I don’t think what will happen in three months. Now my head is set for the next start.

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There was talk of changing the course of Tokyo. What is the situation in this regard?
The request arising from my initiative was approved. For now, it depends on the Japanese whether people from the rowing union will be accepted there before our camp and whether the canal standards can be adjusted. This one is big and unknown. The second has to do with whether the trajectory will change with the advent of the redevelopment. It is a kind of lottery. It’s important for me to go to the Olympics at my best.

Do you have any idea what it will be like to adapt in Japan?
We were originally supposed to travel to Tokyo for a two-week camp after the European Championships. But it has fallen and everything moves before the Olympics. We have to leave at the beginning of July and we may have two weeks in an absolute bubble. In the hotel and on the track. Then we move to the Olympic Village.

Does the change suit you?
I don’t know about the others, but I do. Of course, I would have gone to the original camp, but it would disrupt the quiet home setup, when I’m able to soak it all in. It would be easier for me like this. I can do it at home, in Japan I acclimatize well in advance and finish the last part of the training. They connect me beautifully and fit with each other. Even looking at my family.

Back to it. How do you live after moving to Stará Boleslav?
We peeked at the ground there for a while, and at the end it came out by chance. We love it there. We moved last fall. I still have to thank from afar everyone who helped me drive the gravel wheels to the balcony. Further adjustments will continue after the Olympics.

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Is it an advantage for you to be close to the water slalom track?
I run some exercises there, but I usually travel to Troy. I think it is the best path for us students. It is not a requirement and you can learn a lot of things from it. It is an intermediate step for children under the age of 14 before switching to heavy water.

Do you feel when you meet the young people of the Water Slope there that you are setting an example for them?
The department is functioning properly and many children go to it. Maybe I can inspire them. Sometimes I advise someone and also feel dizzy when I started. It is unique in our sport when beginners can play next to me. It’s beautiful to me, too.

It follows that the wild water tradition will continue in your family …
(Laughs) It’s up to Jiíček and Mareček. But of course I would like them to at least learn the basics.