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Jira’s first favorite. Bennett will ride it because of his Olympic dream

For many cyclists, the Ance Jet Tour is too big to go.

To tell sports editors: Guys, I’m sorry, but don’t hang out with me in France this year. MM Jin full.

But that’s exactly what George Bennett made. For one reason only, he wants to hang an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo around his neck.

I love it when I nibble on the tour. In the coming years, there will be some potholes and the tour will be the center of the season. But mt dky profile anci for Olympic gold? This happens to me once in a lifetime, and sometimes it doesn’t. However, the road in Tokyo is very crowded, and it will be very hot, which has always been a strong side, he explains.

Don’t ride the tour, that’s a big deal for him too. A big problem for the dark Jumbo-Visma, given that Primo Roglie wants a yellow jersey and the first Bennett was his home stadium.

The team the Slovenian has relied on the most for its weekly stage races. The one who’s stayed the longest with the Commander, and when Rogley got into trouble, it was Bennett, who toppled them.

Giro d’Italia 2021


That won’t be the case this year, on the other hand, Bennett Giroud will be running this weekend, as he will be the captain of darkness.

If I go to Giro and not the tour, it also gives me a lot of things, and I’m happy to have a strong result in Giro and then get better ready for the Olympics. I’ll be able to directly build a physique in D-Day, which is not possible during the tour.

We never grow old cycling

Not everyone has Olympic racing like this terno.

Sure, always bad on profile. When it’s hills or mountains, the Olympic race is full of radar runners and vice versa.

The fact that he’s seducing one in three years also plays a role. If you have a contract in the current year, it’s much better to sweep you through peak seasons than focus on a single day.

Bennett doesn’t have to. His contract will expire this year, but given the qualities he has at his disposal, you don’t have to worry about the future. This is where the place comes from.

New Zealand does not have cycling, they like rugby or cricket.

Don’t really grow up there cycling, you can barely score the tour at home. But the Olympic Games are well known, first of all, they dream like children. Is there vnman full or else you are not in the Netherlands, k.

That is why you dream of Tokyo.

Many cyclists choose the same model as last year.

Then, 14 days after the end of the tour, they went to the World Championships, where the first inductees to go round on their feet were the best in the end.

But there is only one day between the end of the tour and the temptation in Tokyo. And it will not be a transmission from France to Italy, but rather from France to the other side of the world for completely different conditions in Tokyo. In Japan, the air is far from the heat, and the humidity is far away.

It requires full filling and acclimatization.

First, Bennett doesn’t want to take the risk. He wants to do his best to get to Tokyo in 100% condition, and prepared for conditions there.

I would say the top of Jumba or Ineos is the hardest of the tour. The amount of time we go to the front and do all the work for one boy from the dark, who won me over along the way, is huge. Practically every day you go full speed to the last meter, after the race you are completely crushed. He describes that you don’t want that before the Olympics.

A competition for INEOS? Not on gyro

He’ll get freedom and pesto over Gero, because Tom Domolin is out of the dark at the end of the year, as he struggles with demotivation.

So Raylene threatened that the dog who desires his wish should obey Bennett and go on a ride. But for him, Jonas Vinggaard caught his eye in the mountains in the mountains, and captured the city of Bennett.

Thus, until the end of the holiday, he showed himself that he could take part in the grand tour.

He finished eighth in the Giro race in 2018, when he actually drove his car for one week alone. Last year, twelve dogs also came to Vuelt with their colossal business, which Roglie eventually did with Roglie.

Should you fight for me in Italy directly for a shirt?

SM is not sure.

Ineos has done my best, I have no illusions that I can go with you and Egan Bernal in rhythm every day. But I’ll try to leave as best I can for 21 days and see what it will cost, k.

The first strength of both teams will be incomparable.

Bernala will be supported in the mountains by Pavel Sivakov (devt mu pedloskho jera(Or Daniel Philip Martinez)vtz Dauphin, etapy on tour). On the contrary, Bennett will have to count on two young talents, Tobias Voss and Quinn Bowman.

It didn’t seem like a big fight between Ineos and Jumbo Visma.

Urit will happen again when I go race with Stevie (Kruijswijkem) To Primoem (Roglim), Thomas, Bernal, Karabaz and Ineos. But if we only met Bernal at Giro, there would be no such rivalry, I’m sure. But we certainly will not give up, we have amazing talents in the dark, Voss showed her in Terina (Patnect finished). When we meet, we can do great things.

Any job that improves his eight cities three years ago would be a win for him. He won a long trip to Tokyo anyway.

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