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J&J vaccine deals with delta mutation. Pfizer and Moderna also reported their success

In addition, the company’s latest data shows that humans are protected from dangerous variants of the coronavirus for at least eight months after vaccination. Additionally, the advantage is that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is only a single dose, so a person will only be vaccinated once.

“Current data from the eight months studied showed that the single-dose J&J vaccine for coronavirus produces a strong antibody response that does not weaken, but on the contrary, we see an improvement over time,” said vaccine leader Dr. Maathai Mamen. The delta and beta mutations are similar to the original virus.

Pfizer also announced the strong efficacy of the Delta vaccine at the end of June. “The data we have today, including that in which the Indian Delta version has replaced the British alternative, shows that our vaccine is very effective. It protects about 90 percent of the coronavirus,” said Alon Rappaport, director of research at Pfizer in Israel.

In June, biotech company Moderna announced the effectiveness of its vaccine against the coronavirus mutations. Recent research has shown that the vaccine is effective against all 16 known mutations. However, the number of antibodies in the delta is 2.1 times lower than the original virus variant.

In contrast, the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is less effective against Delta, according to some Delta surveys, especially with regard to virus transmission. According to surveys, AstraZeneca protects against symptomatic outbreaks in the delta variant by 60 percent. In any case, the UK Department of Health states that the vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization by up to 92 percent.

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According to Health Secretary Adam Voich (for YES), the delta boom is a huge problem. “The delta mutation has breed number eight, which indicates a highly contagious species,” the minister warned.

The delta variant, formerly known as the Indian boom, was captured by hygienists in the Prague, Hradec Kralove, Moravian-Silesian, Liberec and Usti regions and in the Vysochina region. In total, laboratories have already detected 120 cases of this mutation in the Czech Republic. Mutations are currently most prevalent in India and the United States.

Health Secretary Adam Foych has announced that you can change the second vaccination appointment. Watch the Nova TV report: