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Johnson commented on his defense minister's statement on targeting Russian lands

Johnson commented on his defense minister’s statement on targeting Russian lands

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said London does not want the conflict in Ukraine to go beyond its borders, stressing that Kiev has a “right to self-defense”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the British “Doc TV” channel: “We do not want the crisis to go beyond Ukraine’s, but as our Armed Forces Minister James Hebe has said, Ukraine has a right to defend itself.”

The British Armed Forces Minister James Hep has said that Ukraine has a “legal” right to strike targets on Russian territory to prevent it from being supplied to Russian forces conducting military operations in Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry has warned Britain against provoking Kiev to target Russia, noting that the Russian military is ready to “attack decision-making positions in Kiev” despite foreign advisers.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke by telephone with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, during which they discussed ways to provide humanitarian assistance to Mariupol residents.

In its statement, the British Prime’s Press Office said: “General concerns about strikes and ceasefires in areas besieged by Russian forces such as Mariupol and Gerson should be supported, as well as to ensure the evacuation of civilians.”

“The British Prime Minister stressed the need for global solidarity with the Ukrainians, and the United Kingdom continues to work closely with international partners to protect Ukraine’s territory,” the statement added.

The UN Secretary-General, who visited Moscow on April 26, wants to discuss possible steps to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine. Also on April 28, he will visit Ukraine.

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