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Johnson continues to press the EU on Northern Ireland ethics

Johnson continues to press the EU on Northern Ireland ethics

On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had backed down from his demands for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, but that he was still adhering to its rules on ethics in Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom has repeatedly warned that it is prepared to suspend elements of Northern Ireland’s protocol if the EU no longer negotiates the terms of the agreement, in fact British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss made the comment in a phone call with Europe. Commission Deputy Chairman Maros Sefkovic told the Daily Express this morning.

Chefkovic, the British foreign secretary, warned that the European Union would not take any new steps to reduce the pressure caused by the protocol.

In response to Brussels, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister said: “We have seen on many occasions that the EU has issued statements on the protocol for Northern Ireland and received concessions following subsequent negotiations, but we would like to see more. Significant changes in the way the protocol currently operates.”

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said the British government believed it was right to keep all options open, but stressed that things could get worse if Britain did not set a timeline for when action could be taken to eliminate controversial elements of the code.

And the British newspaper, the Daily Express, said the UK suspension of the protocol would put pressure on the EU to impose retaliatory measures on British trade, which could be detrimental to consumers on the European continent.

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Prior to Northern Ireland’s talks, Britain had succeeded in forcing Brussels to break the negotiations on the 2019 withdrawal agreement and the 2020 trade agreement, then threatening to pull out of the table and inflict economic damage on the EU, and Boris Johnson resumed talks. Former British Prime Minister Theresa May has called on the House of Representatives to withdraw from the European Union following the failure of the agreement.

In fact, Johnson made a number of changes to the agreement with Brussels, threatening to manage UK imports in negotiations on a trade deal, after promising to get a “no-deal Brexit” if the EU does not agree to a compromise. And on issues such as fishing the group would be exported in accordance with WTO rules if it did not change its red lines, the newspaper said.

And “Daily Express” Foreign Secretary Truss revealed today during their call that the EU’s proposals would re-establish things, and that the United Kingdom would not accept it.