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Johnson is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, says Cummings, the prime minister’s exorcist. Unleash a world storm

London The former advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings caused a storm on the political scene by posting on his blog, writing, among other things, that his former boss wanted to secretly pay for the reconstruction of his apartment by the sponsors. Cummings also blames the prime minister for blaming tens of thousands of deaths for the coronavirus pandemic.

Cummings also claims that Johnson has stopped investigating the leak of quarantine information on his fiancée Carrie Symonds. The BBC Khadim wrote that the Labor opposition was asking for an explanation and wanted a representative of the Johnson government to face its questions in the House of Representatives.

Posted on Cummings ArticlesIt, the first since last year, appeared online on Friday. Among other things, the former prime minister’s advisor denied allegations that he had conveyed to the media the content of a private communication between the prime minister and the Dyson boss. This sparked speculation about illegal lobbying because Johnson had promised to help with taxes with the head of the ventilator company. For example, The Sun, The Times and Telegraph reported that Cummings was informed of the information.

Dominic Cummings on the day Prime Minister Johnson arrives in government.

However, the portion of the blog in which Cummings described the prime minister wanting to be compensated for the rebuilding of the expensive apartment also sparked outrage in the ranks of the opposition. “I told him that … this is unethical, unreasonable, and possibly illegal … and I refused to make these payments,” Cummings wrote.

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“It is sad that the government and its prime minister have fallen below the level of integrity this country deserves,” wrote a former close of Prime Minister Johnson on his blog.

In response to the contribution, the Prime Minister’s Office stated that Johnson paid the bill for the reconstruction of the apartment in Downing Street in the amount of £ 58,000 (1.7 million CZK) himself.

According to the Sunday Times, Cummings will continue to attack the prime minister, accusing him of being personally responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths who succumbed to Covid-19 in the second wave of the pandemic. He allegedly wants to use his speech before a parliamentary committee at the end of May.

“Dominic has copies of everything and knows where the skeletons are hidden. In the fall, he pushed the prime minister to decide on the quarantine earlier, and he has ample evidence that the delay has had dire consequences,” Cummings’ co-worker quotes the Sunday Times.

Cummings was the main driver of the referendum on the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in 2016, and according to analysts, was behind the landslide victory of Johnson’s conservative party in the 2019 parliamentary elections. He was Johnson’s chief advisor until last November. Last year, among other things, Cummings committed violations of government action against the spread of the Covid pandemic when he left his home. At the same time, he was arrested by journalists. However, the official reason for Cummings’ end to Downing Street was, according to the media, the voluntary departure. However, the media speculated that Johnson’s “mind” had left, or else he would have “left.”

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