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Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of felony criminal mischief for allegedly trying to seduce a minor

Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of felony criminal mischief for allegedly trying to seduce a minor

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized to parliamentary group leaders who have asked him a number of questions since he failed to intervene to avoid sanctions against a Conservative MP accused in a promotion case.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday admitted he was wrong in facing a storm of condemnation in parliament over a two-week scandal over his promotion, but blamed its “continued” opposition. Attacks on corruption.

As opinion polls suggest his reputation is declining, Johnson lamented to leaders of key parliamentary committees who have asked him a number of questions since he failed to block sanctions against a Conservative MP accused of encouraging action.

“It’s not to acquit anyone,” Johnson stressed, during a major indictment hearing three times a year, but “to see if there is a way to improve the system beyond the parties.”

The clash with the opposition began at noon during the weekly question-and-answer session in front of parliamentarians, in which the Speaker of the House of Commons intervened harshly and asked Johnson for discipline.

Facing opposition accusations of “cowardice”, Johnson admitted that he had “made a mistake” in wanting to “confuse a personal case” with the government’s intention to amend the rules for MPs. But he stressed that the United Kingdom was “one of the most honest democracies in the world.”

“These attacks on the levels of corruption and relationships in the UK do not serve the billions of people in a world already plagued by corrupt governments,” he said.

But Labor leader Khair Stormer responded: “If anyone in my party misbehaves, I will remove him from power. If anyone in his party misbehaves, he will try to get him out of trouble,” and apologized.

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Profitable activities and “independent investigation”

Earlier, Boris Johnson proposed amending the rules of parliamentary conduct to prevent MPs from being paid for their political advice or promotion.

It was also proposed to check that the parallel activities of any Deputy Prime Minister do not interfere with his parliamentary duties.

These recommendations were raised after Conservative representatives raised a number of issues regarding advertising activities or high-income secondary jobs being implemented despite a parliamentary mandate.

“In the hope of removing the carpet from under the opposition,” the prime minister posted his advice on Twitter, while Keer Stormer spoke out on the matter, challenging Johnson to order an “independent inquiry” if he really wants to “eradicate corruption.”

Conservative MP The case stems from a parliamentary hearing that concluded that Owen Patterson had repeatedly persuaded members of government to protect the two companies he worked for as a paid consultant.

The panel considered this to be a “blatant violation” of the rules governing pressure groups and recommended that he be suspended for thirty days. Patterson resigned when the government abandoned the rule change to avoid consequences.

Boris Johnson said the latter had undoubtedly violated the rules, emphasizing that he was not trying to underestimate it. “It is unusual for parliamentary colleagues to do so,” he told committee leaders.

Johnson faces questions over a luxury vacation abroad or the expensive renovation of his official residence and his government’s dangerous contacts with the business community, especially in awarding contracts to private companies in light of the Govt-19 epidemic crisis.

For its part, the media explored the delegates and revealed a lot of information about the activities they implement in parallel to their parliamentary functions, and for which they often receive large sums of money.

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Meanwhile, former Attorney General Jeffrey Cox, who was responsible for providing legal advice to the state, was embroiled in a scandal over his lucrative advisory activities in the British Virgin Islands, considered a tax haven.

Before voting on the issue during the day, several MPs expressed their opposition to a complete ban on secondary activities and jobs, which Johnson also opposed, and Parliament benefiting from these external measures.