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Johnson responded to the British police form as part of an investigation into party corruption

Johnson responded to the British police form as part of an investigation into party corruption


London (AFP) – His office said Friday night that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had responded to a form sent to him by London police as part of an investigation into allegations of corruption in Downing Street meetings during the lockout of Govt.

His office said Johnson refused the investigation form within seven days, following a police request.

Earlier this month, London police announced that they had sent a questionnaire to answer Johnson as part of an investigation by parties on Downing Street during the country’s Govt-19 lockout.

“We can confirm that the Prime Minister has received a questionnaire from the London Police. He will respond accordingly,” a police spokesman said in a statement.

Investigators in the case have said they will contact more than 50 people to obtain confessions about the scandal that threatens Johnson’s political future.

The police report came hours after the media released a new picture of Johnson appearing to be attending one of these parties with two other people.

Questionnaires examine the activities of these individuals in 12 cases held at the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Ministry in 2020 and 2021.

Former Prime Minister John Major Johnson has launched a vicious attack, accusing him of violating Govt rules, promoting public “contempt” for politics and tarnishing Britain’s reputation abroad.

This sharp and unusual attack by the long-time conservative politician highlights the danger that Johnson’s future faces due to the “party gate” scandal, especially as many representatives of the ruling Conservative Party have called for his resignation.

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