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Johnson reveals his plans to remove the latest health restrictions in the UK


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced plans to lift the last health restrictions in the UK from July 19 and called on his citizens to “learn to live” with caution.

“We will present how we can restore freedom,” Johnson said, stressing that the epidemic was “not over” and that people needed to “learn to live with the virus.”

It was planned to remove these restrictions on June 21, but this date was postponed for a month due to the spread of the highly contagious delta mutation, which is currently the cause of most new cases in the UK.

The Conservative prime minister is expected to hold a press conference on Monday afternoon, with Health Minister Sajid Javed addressing the MPs.

England have emerged gradually since the third lockout, but have some restrictions.

The vaccination program, launched in December 2020, made it possible to provide two doses of the vaccine to about 64 percent of adults.

The government has been pointing out for days that it wants to abandon the mandatory wearing of masks in closed public places, and this approach has been harshly criticized by some academics advising the government.

Over the weekend, the British Medical Association called on the government to adhere to certain restrictions due to the “dangerous” increase in the number of infections, which in recent days has approached the limit of 30,000 daily injuries.

Source: AFP