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جونسون: المملكة المتحدة ترسل أسلحة بقيمة 130 مليون دولار إلى أوكرانيا

Johnson: UK sends $ 130 million worth of weapons to Ukraine

“I can announce that the United Kingdom will send £ 100 million worth of high-quality military equipment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including 3 Star-Strike anti-aircraft missiles and another 800 anti-tank missiles that will fly at 3 times the speed of sound.”

He pointed out that anti-aircraft missiles are “precise and will remain in the air until they are aimed at the target.”

He announced that the British Army would introduce 100 additional armored boxing vehicles into its arsenal and ensure that vehicles reached the front line quickly.

Johnson said – according to a report by the British Foreign Office on its website – modern digital armored vehicles could be used to move troops to the front line and be quickly rearranged to perform different roles on the battlefield.

The United Kingdom and Germany have worked closely together on the British Army’s boxer program, with Britain benefiting from the creation of a boxer in the UK with German expertise, data and cooperation. Germany now has more than 400 boxers.

During these challenging times, Johnson added, our deep security partnership reassures our people and the world that we are ready to respond to new threats. As the invasion of Ukraine shakes the foundations of European peace and security, this joint venture with Germany will ensure that our troops are equipped with sophisticated equipment.

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