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Johnson was the 'most late' reformer of the British economy

Johnson was the ‘most late’ reformer of the British economy

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Manchester (United Kingdom) (AFP)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rallied his Conservative Party supporters on Wednesday.

While underestimating gas stations, empty shop shelves and warnings of trouble at Christmas, the Conservative leader says the suffering will end in the short term.

According to parts published by the party, in his closing remarks to the Conservative Conference, he said, “We are dealing with the biggest problems inherent in our economy and society.”

The reason is that “we are now beginning to reverse the long-delayed trend in the UK economy,” he added, vowing not to return to the pre-Brexit model of “unrestricted immigration”.

Instead, British businesses need to invest in their people and technology and move the country “towards the economy in terms of higher wages, higher capacity and higher productivity”.

But change takes time. Meanwhile, the government has reluctantly agreed to issue a limited number of short-term visas to attract truck drivers and poultry workers from Eastern Europe.

– Peace in the climate –

Rather than a harsh approach to Brexit, the government blames the Govt epidemic for the massive labor shortage that is affecting the UK economy.

But the supply crisis includes the risks of undermining the issues Johnson emphasizes in his speech, including pushing economic growth forward after leaving the EU and “global Britain.”

It is expected to address the UK’s push for climate change and international cooperation ahead of the COP26 summit in Scotland from October 31.

Johnson rode an electric bike during a tour of convention headquarters on Tuesday, got on an electric tractor and played a puzzle to collect pieces to build a carbon-neutral house.

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But the Conservative Conference largely ignored the issue of climate change.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday said it was “immoral” to leave the debt burden caused by the epidemic to future generations, but without mentioning climate change.

Rebecca Newsom, Greenpeace UK policy officer, said ignoring the climate issue was a “bad sign” ahead of COP26.

“Allocating more money to clean up the infrastructure now would then save big costs and create millions of jobs across the UK,” he said.

While pledging to support “green” growth and “clean infrastructure” in developing countries, Secretary of State Liz Truss made no mention of climate during her speech on Sunday.

– Brexit –

On the contrary, Brexit has repeatedly focused on Johnson’s party, which insists that the problems with Brexit are temporary.

Brexit Minister David Frost warned of “prolonged suffering” of “anti-growth ideas” and “anti-traffic and anti-car” lobbies.

Home Secretary Priti Patel used her speech at the conference on Tuesday to pledge action against climate protesters blocking the streets across London. She felt the protesters were “not responsible”.

COP26 leader Alok Sharma denied that the party was lax in climate change, a month before Glasgow received delegates from around the world to attend the conference.

“Former Minister of Commerce to a small group of participants on the sidelines of a major conference in Manchester” People sometimes do not see the Conservatives taking the lead in this area. ”

But he stressed, “My colleagues in government really understand why it is so important to act properly in this matter.”

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“This is a real opportunity to create jobs, grow and enjoy a healthy nation and planet,” he stressed.