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"Johnson's Speeches and a Royal Visit" .. The most important centers of Egyptian-British relations

“Johnson’s Speeches and a Royal Visit” .. The most important centers of Egyptian-British relations

Today, Friday, President Abdel Fattah L-CC received a phone call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressing his interest in the latest developments in the ongoing negotiations within the framework of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is currently taking place in Glasgow, and the British vision of how this conference will emerge with successful results lies within the framework of coordination between Egypt and Britain on climate issues.

In light of the close ties between the two countries, British Crown Prince Charles and his wife Camila Parker, Duchess of Cornwall are due to visit Egypt next Thursday.

Gareth Bailey, the British ambassador to Cairo, said 15 years ago after 2006 that this would be the next visit of their royal dignitaries to Egypt, led by President Abdel Fattah L-CC and his wife, Mrs. Ndisar L-CC. We welcome them to discuss British-Egyptian cooperation on climate change, religious tolerance and bilateral bonds.

In the following report, “Al-Dastur” monitors the bases of bilateral relations between the two countries:

Egyptian-British relations are distinguished by their strong functions at various political, economic and cultural levels, which are reflected in mutual visits and permanent relations between the two countries, during which issues of common interest are resolved.

Egyptian-British relations go back more than a hundred years, and enjoy politically integrated views on a number of regional and international welfare issues, the first of which is a comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian problem.

The UK is also one of the largest investors in Egypt in a number of sectors, including financial services, energy, construction, tourism, pharmaceuticals, textiles and communications. The British Chamber of Commerce in Egypt plays a key role in supporting and promoting trade and economic cooperation between the two countries’ merchants.

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With the establishment of the British University in Cairo in March 2006, the two countries enjoy unique cultural and educational ties.

Meetings of Chairman CC

President CC has met several times with former British Prime Minister Theresa May and current Boris Johnson.The common interests of the people of the two countries.

The British leadership reaffirmed its willingness to foster bilateral relations between the two countries at all political and economic levels, and expressed its interest in providing the necessary assistance to support efforts to advance the Egyptian economy, including increasing British investment in Egypt. The light of day that the United Kingdom is the most invested country in Egypt.

The British leadership pointed out Egypt’s importance to stability in the Middle East, as well as its efforts in the field of counter – terrorism, emphasizing the British Government ‘s interest in enhancing cooperation with Egypt in this area.

Boris Johnson, for his part, said that the United Kingdom was an old friend of Egypt and that we were Egypt’s largest economic partner and strong allies in countering extremism and extremist ideology, and supported Britain’s renewal because of stability, peace and development in Egypt. The region forms the basis of opportunities and security for the British people and the region.

Britain is interested in continued coordination with Egypt on a variety of challenges, particularly in advancing the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the African continent, and commends the President’s leadership in efforts to strengthen security and stability regionally. Egypt’s role as an axis of balance for regional security, especially through its victory over terrorism and illegal immigration.

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