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Jordan condemns the Israeli minister’s use of a map of Israel that includes the kingdom and the Palestinian territories

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned, on Monday, the use by the Israeli Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, of a map of Israel that includes the borders of Jordan and the Palestinian territories, during his participation in an event in Paris, saying that it was “a reckless incitement act,” and ” It constitutes a violation of international norms and the peace treaty” between the two countries.

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Sinan Majali, said, “The ministry also condemns the racist and extremist inciting statements made by the extremist Israeli minister against the brotherly Palestinian people, their right to exist, and their historical rights in their independent, sovereign state on Palestinian national soil.”

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry statement called on the international community to condemn the actions and statements of the Israeli minister, and at the same time called on the Israeli government to take “a frank and clear position regarding these extremist actions, and the inflammatory, hateful statements that are rejected.”

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry indicated that it “will take all necessary political and legal measures to confront such extremist, hateful behavior and statements, and the dangerous escalation they represent that threatens security and stability and pushes for an escalation.”

The ministry’s statement considered that “the actions and statements of this extremist, hateful person do not harm Jordan and do not detract from the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, but rather show the world the extent of the historical injustice to which the Palestinian people are exposed and the danger of the extremist racist ideology that the Israeli minister carries.”

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Late Sunday, the Israeli minister appeared on a conference podium in the French capital. On the podium was a map of Israel that included the occupied West Bank and Jordan.

Smotrich asked: “Who was the first Palestinian king? What is the language of the Palestinians? Was there a Palestinian currency before? Is there a Palestinian history or culture? Nothing.” He considered the idea of ​​the Palestinian people “artificial”.

The presidency of the Palestinian Authority criticized Smotrich’s remarks, describing them as “racist,” describing them as “an attempt to falsify history.”

The Palestinian Authority confirmed in a statement that the Palestinian people “are on this land forever.”

Hamas, the armed Palestinian Islamist movement that runs Gaza, also called Smotrich’s comments racist, saying they “clearly reflect the fascist policies of colonial settlement expansion and forced eviction of the Palestinian people, on which the occupying state was founded,” referring to Israel.

This development comes a few hours after a joint statement of a meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, in which Israeli and Palestinian negotiators announced their commitment to take steps to calm tensions and stop escalation, with the mediation of Egypt, Jordan and the United States.