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Jordan – Did Majed Al-Masry’s daughter expel her wedding guests? Video

(MENAFN– Khaberni)

Khabarni- After the spread of a video clip showing Mahitab, the daughter of the artist Majid Al-Masry, who was excited during her wedding and trying to expel those around her on the stage, accusing her of condescending to the guests, her mother, the retired artist, Mona Sh. The newlyweds’ family and friends, and it is not yet known how they entered the wedding hall.

Mona Esh published several photos from behind the scenes of her daughter’s wedding, Mahitab Majed Al-Masry, and commented on her through her account on the Instagram website, saying: Mahitab, the daughter of a stubborn, respectful and affectionate country, and whoever knows her will confirm my words.

He added: First, she said to the intrusive intruders that we don’t know who they are, and they attacked us like locusts and crowded the place on the stage. They stood behind us and followed us as if they were joyful people other than those who were under with the pilgrims. She told them to get off the stage, they did not look outside like the addresses of the websites she wrote in order to draw attention, Listen to her words, er, and focus.

And she continued: For the record, I asked them to expand the place and her groom as well, and in the end she was angry because there is no life for whomever she calls, and what is wrong with my daughter, may God take revenge on him.

Mona’s clarification was accepted by her followers, but most of them stopped before one mistake, which was the bride’s task of expelling intruders, and most of them confirmed that this task was supposed to be carried out by the supervisor of the hall or the party organizer or the groom, not the bride, and she continued: Who was supposed to speak, the organizers of joy or The groom, but the bride does not hesitate to scream and speak, but it is true, of course, that the invitations are only to attend, but the mistake is that the bride is coming to yell and may God make her happy.

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