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Jordanian actress Diana Karazon ignites the Internet and shocks all Jordanians with what she did today!!

Jordanian actress Diana Karazon ignites the Internet and shocks all Jordanians with what she did today!!

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Through her account on Instagram, the Arab Superstar, the Jordanian artist, Diana Karazon, celebrated the birthday of her media husband, Moaz Al-Omari, and published a new video clip in which she documented the scenes of the celebration, and the candy bar that Curzon brought to her husband, and commented: The whole life is my beloved Moaz .. Dear Abu Salma.. God bless you, and her husband thanked her for the special cake, expressing his love for her.

Followers interacted with Diana Karazon’s video, and wished for a long life for my life, wishing them lasting happiness and continued love and affection, and among the comments, one of the followers wrote: “God willing, my Lord will keep you happy.” All of it, O Lord,” and “Every year and Abu Salma is a thousand good.”

On the other hand, Karazon made a decision that shocked her fans after apologizing for participating in the Jerash Festival, stressing that her decision came after close monitoring of the organization of the festival and the great confusion it witnessed, and the festival organizers deliberately did not adequately appreciate and respect the Jordanian artist, especially after the absence of the names of Jordanian artists. In full on the festival program that was distributed at the press conference announcing the events of Jerash 2022.

Karazon indicated that many of the accumulations pushed her to resolve the issue once and for all, most notably the failure to respect the dates and obligations of Jordanian artists, and the attempt to impose specific days on them to sing in, in addition to placing them on the sidelines within the concerts of Arab stars, and the lack of financial appreciation of the Jordanian artist, which indicates the lack of seriousness of the festival management. And its professionalism in dealing with Jordan’s artists.

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Karazon indicated that what happened with the artist Omar Al-Abdallat was a clear message from the festival administration to marginalize Jordanian artists, and marginalize them at the expense of others, stressing her full respect for the stardom of all Jordan’s guests from the Arab artists participating in Jerash and that her apology relates to her personally.