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Jordanian Sociology organizes a symposium on the course of social movements in society | Education and universities

Ammon – The Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Jordan organized today a symposium on the course of social movements in Jordanian society, as part of the activities and programs of the Faculty, and in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Muhannad Mobaideen, the Head of the Department of Sociology, Dr. Maysa Rawashdeh, Dr. Sabri Rabihat, and Dr. Abdul Hakim Al-Husban And Mr. Ahmed Abu Khalil.

The Head of the Department of Sociology, Dr. Maysa Al-Rawashdeh, welcomed the attendees and said that the aim of these seminars is to build bridges of cooperation between the university and the local community, and to enrich students’ thoughts and experiences by hosting intellectuals, politicians, and writers, and learning about their experiences and listening to social testimonies that embody the Jordanian social reality.

Mobaideen said, during his moderation of the symposium, that Jordan has achieved great achievements on the ground, the most important of which are political and security stability, great civilizational growth in a young and educated society, promising democracy, integration and a moderate global reputation that is viewed with respect and appreciation.

In turn, Rabihat pointed out that our discussion of movement, far from names, focuses on something against stillness. As Newton is the first to play in these scientific concepts through three laws related to motion and stillness, which formed the nucleus of science and the scientific renaissance in Europe and the world.

He added that human societies are shaped by the promise of well-being and happiness in terms of sharing in space, resources, roles and authority, and create a state of mutual dependence based on the recognition of the humanity of each individual, indicating that some believe that it does not serve everyone but rather a few, and this does not apply to political systems only, But on the clan and the councils and the village.

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Rabihat emphasized that society is a series of endless transformations and changes, some visible and others invisible, and when it reaches a critical stage, it becomes visible and leads to change.

At the end of the symposium, which was attended by a number of faculty members and a group of students, the lecturers answered the attendees’ questions and inquiries about the topic under discussion.