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منظر عام لحركة سير في العاصمة عمّان. (صلاح ملكاوي/المملكة)

Jordan’s contribution to reducing emissions “strong step in the right direction”

British Ambassador to Jordan Bridget Britt on Monday said Jordan’s nationally determined contributions, aimed at reducing emissions by 31% by 2030, is a strong ambitious step in the right direction and an example to follow in the region.

In a word that came further she added,KingdomIts transcript states that “what is being implemented in Jordan now depends on long-term strategies to support political decisions.”

“With the pledges made in Glasgow, zero emissions targets now cover 90% of the global economy, up from 30% at the start of the UK’s Climate Action 26,” he said.

“We welcome initiatives such as the $ 8.5 billion South African Partnership for Fair Transformation into Clean Energy to support the transition to zero-emission energy, and we see countries with more than 90% of the world’s deforestation pledging to stop deforestation and deforestation. Work to recover what is lost.”

“We have also seen the highest level of individual mobilization to raise funds for adaptation funds to help communities most vulnerable to climate change. From Jordan’s massive adaptation needs, from managing water scarcity to climate – prudent agriculture, and even climate – prudent agriculture cannot be ignored.” Planning for extreme weather events.

He reaffirmed the UK’s support for Jordan: “We will do all we can to get Jordan’s assistance through the Adaptation Fund to make the necessary changes to mitigate the ill effects of climate change.”

Brendan said: “November is an important time for the planet to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow, United Kingdom, referred to as the Climate Action Summit.

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“After two years of hard work and two weeks of intensive negotiations, we have achieved our goal. Nearly 200 countries have ratified the Glasgow Climate Agreement,” he said. . ” We can rightly say that we have maintained our goal of not warming more than 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre – industrial levels. “

He noted that the 26th Climate Action Summit was the largest political meeting ever held in the UK. Glasgow was attended by delegates from 194 countries, 120 world leaders and 38,000 accredited participants.

He continued, “The talks may have appeared to be purely technical, but many issues were at stake. Debates revolved around protecting the lives and livelihoods of communities directly affected by the climate crisis.”

“If we fail to protect future generations, we will be condemned to live in a dangerous, unknown and degenerate world,” he said. Island States – 1.5 degrees is all we need to survive. In two degrees, we’re going to perish- “

“Science shows us that the planet is already 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than it was before the Industrial Revolution, and we can see the severe effects of global warming on millions of people,” he said, adding that “extreme weather is increasing in the region.

He called on the world to inspire confidence in the global cooperation embodied in the discussions of the Parties Conference in Glasgow: . “

According to the latest scientific data, the Glasgow Climate Agreement shows the difference between what countries currently need to do and what they need to do to reduce emissions, and stresses the urgent need for countries to act quickly. According to the ambassador, they need to review and strengthen their targets to reduce their emissions by 2030.

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“For the first time, the agreement agrees with the world on a plan to abandon its reliance on fossil fuels for power generation and ineffective subsidies for fossil fuels. Thus, after six years of negotiations, the Glasgow Agreement finalizes the remaining pending components. List of rules,” he added. Paris – the rules governing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed in 2015 – and resolving those elements will open up the full potential of the Paris Agreement. “

He noted that the Glasgow Agreement is advancing in financing climate action: adapting, protecting people and nature from the effects of climate change, and mitigating losses and damage caused by climate change. All of these are important in the process of combating climate change.

“Outside of the negotiating chambers, at the Climate Action Summit 26, we welcomed the announcements of zero emission targets and the commitments to accelerate the transition to clean energy and clean cars, to stop deforestation and to increase the flow of funds for climate action. Details begin on how we can accelerate our response to the massive global challenge of climate change to sustain the C goal.

“The Glasgow Summit was a historic joint achievement, but a weak one,” Print said. Protect and strengthen this goal.

He noted that the UK’s efforts to chair the Climate Action Summit 26 were still in their infancy. Over the next year, we will work with countries to fulfill and implement the commitments contained in the Glasgow Climate Agreement to raise the climate ambition for 2030 and beyond. It is our duty to continue the constructive pressure, mutual trust and goodwill that was the result of the 26th Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, due to the lack of proper monitoring bodies at the UN on climate change.

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“We must seize this moment. The world must now stand up and take greater action to increase funding, support adaptation and maintain the 1.5 ° C target.