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Josef Průša introduced the new MK4 3D printer. Fans waited for her for years, but it was worth it – Živě.cz

And I came out! 3D printer enthusiasts from Prusa Research have finally got a new model after years of waiting Original Prusa MK4 as well as superstructures MMU3 to produce multiple materials.

The news brings up practically everything the community has been frantically speculating about. The MK4, like the other models, is finally making its way to 32-bit architecture with support Wifi And ethernetreplace simple (albeit functional) character display Colorful graphical interface And yes, the MK4, like the XL model, has a completely redesigned extruder, ie by Nextruder!

Watch the official trailer for the original new Prusa MK4:

Smart Nextruder and easy nozzle replacement

Nextruder is equipped with its own control electronics, so unlike its predecessors, it leads to the new xBuddy motherboard, which replaces the EINSY RAMBo, one one bundle of cables. No more complicated disassembly when replacing the fan, etc.

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New Nextruder with planetary gearbox, control electronics and jets

But it will be the main attraction for Nextruder Easy to replace 0.25-0.8mm nozzles, while definitely not throwing away the existing V6 formats, because you can find a converter in the online store. The thread passed through the new extruder through a metal connector, and the PTFE tubes, in which the thread was sometimes stuck, finally disappeared.

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Enough of eight bits, now the 32-bit xBuddy board with an ARM microcontroller from ST, Ethernet and a slot for the ESP-01 (ESP8266) Wi-Fi module will take care of printing.

drives filament displacement Precision planetary gearbox With a ratio of 10: 1 and Nextruder, as in the case of the XL model, promises thanks to improved sensors Accurate measurement of the first layer And fully automatic without the need for user intervention.

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The MK4 promises faster printing

Finally, thanks to the new MK4 firmware (the so-called Input Shaper and Pressure Advance, ie Blog) promises Very fast printing speedwhich Joseph Berisha actually bragged about on Twitter yesterday.

Multi-material upgrade 3

Thanks Improve Prusa Connect And preparing for Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, we will of course be able to control the MK4 through the web interface and next generations Multi Material Upgrade 3 (MMU3) Takes care of auto pacing.

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New five-string automatic MMU3 tuner

Engineers from Holešovice originally wanted to release only a minor update for MMU2S +, but in the end they completely rewrote the firmware, modified the plastic and metal parts according to community feedback, improved the electronics, and now the troika is in the world, which we hope will be more reliable than its predecessors. .

And if a problem occurs, MMU3 will first try to solve the problem itself, or, thanks to improved bi-directional communication between the printer and the exchanger, it will display detailed error messages directly on the screen. Until now, users had to decode the sequence of blinking LEDs on the MMU.

Assembled printer now, kits and upgrades in the spring

Already assembled MK4 machines are available in the za online shop 27990 CZK. Within two weeks, a cheaper batch should be available for sale in advance 20,990 CZK. MMU3 will be up for grabs 7990 CZK.

Owners of existing MK3S+ machines can pre-order upgrade kits with different levels:

Upgrade kits will already be available in June 2023.

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