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Journey to Space – Cawalisse

Sami Boukharta

Since childhood, I have been in love with space and its creatures. One day, I thought of writing a letter and sending it to the aliens, asking them to accompany them to discover their strange world. The next day, I took a white paper and wrote on it expressions that translate my dream and decorated it with drawings from my imagination, so I put it under the moonlight, and then I went to sleep.

About two hours later, a hand touched me and said: “Wake up, Sami.” She interacted with the event and muttered admonishing the following phrase: “It’s midnight, mom, let me sleep a little.” But that hand did not stop touching me with kindness and affection. I fidgeted in my bed to the right, then woke up. Wow, I saw a strange creature in front of me. “I was sure there were aliens in this divine universe,” she exclaimed loudly.

The aliens took me into their dazzling rare-metal craft. I was greeted inside by their chief. I was greeted and congratulated for my bravery. After a while, the craft sped through the sky at an incredible speed. A few hours later, the indicator light indicated that it was running out of power. We were close to a resting station on one of their known planets. The master quickly descended. Bring us exotic drinks. The tank was flooded with energy until it was completely filled. We ate food the likes of which I have never tasted on earth.

They resumed the air route until we were close to Mars. Upon our arrival, we were given an exceptional welcome. Drums sounded, warm ululations sounded, and bands formed. The resonance of the music began to delight our ears, and their mermaids presented us with interesting dances in the form of enchanting artistic paintings. In the middle of the day their ruler took me to lunch with him. We talked about the affairs of this dazzling planet. Time passed quickly, albeit slowly, in the space of that planet far from Earth. It’s time to go back. Their dreaded chief asked me to stay with them for an extra day. I couldn’t. I thanked him for his hospitality and promised him another visit very soon. She said goodbye to everyone affected by the generosity, love and warmth she received. The chief stood proud and smiling. He held me to his chest saying goodbye, so he ordered the captain and his assistants to return me to planet Earth. The light vehicle stopped over our house. I descended the stairs into the foyer. I greeted my mother as if I had never left my bed.

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What made me happy. I discovered a new world and kept a wonderful memory that I will not forget as long as I live.