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Judge Kralov is done!  Big matches and fights with Berber.  How did he say goodbye?

Judge Kralov is done! Big matches and fights with Berber. How did he say goodbye?

He is one of the most famous Czech judges. Pavel Krolov decided international competitions, including the Champions League, but he was linked to Roman Berber’s work in Czech football. Now an experienced referee has decided to end his life. He informed about it, Received a letter to King’s colleagues.

“The time has come to end my active career as a referee. For some of you this information may not come as a surprise, but I think it is my” duty “to inform and thank you,” Kralowek wrote in the letter.

The forty-three-year-old judge ends after 19 years of whistling in the longest race, in which he drove 267 duels. By the way, he was the first referee in our country to use the missing spray in a league match, to mark the position of the ball and the defensive players in a stable situation. However, in the current season, he has decided only six matches. The reason is that he was delayed after a lawsuit erupted around Roman Ferber, the former vice president of the FACR.

In December, Kralovவெk’s name appeared on wiretapes related to Perfra and others, and in connection with the controversial final of the domestic trophy between Liberec and Sparta from last season, in which Lieutenant won, confirming their contribution to the base committee of the European League.

Perbrow and Kralov then joined forces before the match. “It’s very simple, I only need one political thing, right? You will understand. Beba Grula (Sparta official) was behind me,” the former said.

Kralowek responded that he understood this, and according to police files quoted on, Perb added: “I need him diplomatically, and then congratulate him. Turn the rest into a dry bastard.” Krolov replied, “It will not bother them.” : “Let me write something for them.”

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At the time, Kralov was unaware of the impact it would have on his life. “Football is a sport, people must be human, and that applies to our referees,” Kralowek wrote in a letter to his teammates.

Perp handled the referee before the trophy final.  Then he called the king twice