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“Judo” inaugurates the Belgium camp – Al-Ittihad newspaper

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The judo team delegation arrived in Belgium to hold the final training camp, which will last until February 2, before heading to France, in preparation for participating in the 2023 Paris Grand Slam Championship, which will be held February 4 and 5 in the French capital, Paris, with the participation of 531 male and female players representing 82 countries. , including 10 Arab teams, represented in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iraq and Djibouti, and the door for participation remains open until February 3, according to the tournament regulations through which judo federations seek to raise their share of qualification points. To the 2024 Paris Olympics, which represents an aspiration for all players after the world championships.
Muhammad bin Thaloub Al-Dari, President of the Judo Federation, called on the team’s delegation headed by Nasser Al-Tamimi, Secretary-General of the Federation, Treasurer of the International Federation, to focus from now on, in preparation for positive participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics, in continuation of the participation of “Emirates Judo” during that major sporting event. Starting at the 2012 London Olympics.
It is noteworthy that the judo team mission continues the Belgium camp until the second of February, the date of travel to participate in the «Paris Grand Slam».
The list included 6 individuals, including 4 male and female players, and they are Joram Aram (weight under 66 kg), Tilal Shavili (weight under 81 kg), Gregory Aram (weight under 90 kg), Dhofar Kosouf (weight under 100 kg), and Maitha Al Neyadi. Weight under 52 kg”, and Batsu Altan “weight under 57 kg”, next to coach Victor.

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