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كسكسى چامبو.. ليبيا تبهر العالم بأكبر صحن قطره 4 أمتار ويحوى لحوم 4 جمال

Jumbo couscous..Libya fascinates the world with the largest dish with a diameter of 4 meters and contains meat for 4 camels

On Thursday, local Libyan media focused on a festival in the city of Al-Rujban to prepare the largest couscous dish in the world, noting that its diameter is 4 meters and its depth is 30 centimeters, and it contained about 1,500 kilograms of couscous and 4 feet of camels, and its preparation took about 10 hours.

A video report, carried by the Libyan Al-Marsad newspaper, revealed, in mid-February, the holding of the first competition of its kind in the capital, Tripoli, in order to obtain the title of Miss Chicken..

The observatory quoted Taher Belkacem, a follower of the competition, as saying: He learned for the first time that there are other impressive types of chicken, other than the well-known and circulated, as they are very beautiful. He thanked the organizers of the competition for their important, valuable and wonderful effort..

The report continued: The chickens appeared with their bright colored feathers and golden beaks to participate in the competition according to strict criteria to choose the most beautiful in terms of shape and different breeds, while the competition attracted dozens of followers who took souvenir photos and videos of the animals standing proud of their beauty inside the cages..

The report added: The birds are judged based on considerations including color, shape, luster of feathers and size. The first-place winner gets a rating of 93.8%, after being admired for its black and white color, bright yellow feet and huge size..

Ornamental chicken breeder Muhannad Jaida, the owner of this chicken, which is from the “Brahmin” breed, a 30-year-old employee and has been practicing the hobby since his childhood, said: “Today I participated in the Brahmin chicken known as the Fouli, and we got the first place, thanks to God Almighty, and we got the highest percentage in the competition..”

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Jaida continued, “The chicken is distinguished by its largeness, the yellow leg of the Brahmin features, the custom, the frowning look that we know among the Brahmins, the feather, the softness of the feather and the luster on the feather.” Among the report, the competition aims to show the aesthetic condition and its standards.

The report added: The other goal of the competition is a strange competition to redirect the ideas of young people and provide an opportunity to enjoy something away from the ongoing conflict in the country and towards constructive initiatives, stressing that the prices of ornamental chickens range between 50 and 800 dollars, and the prices of the winner of the prizes are high..