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Justin Bieber said about the new collection from H&M that it is trash. Goods withdrawal

The H&M fashion chain likes to draw on trends and is not far from using variations of graphics created by someone else. This attracts the interest of younger customers who do not have enough funds to buy an original model, usually from a premium brand. Now, however, she’s bumped into the Swedish company — and straight into Justin Bieber, she’s still one of the biggest pop stars today.

Justin Bieber has taken to H&M publicly on his Instagram, urging his more than 270 million fans not to buy the collection the famous fashion chain recently released. In it, H&M used graphic materials with his face and part of the song text, which the Canadian singer did not agree to. And he certainly didn’t take it easy on this ad.

Although he was quite diplomatic in his first Instagram story, urging potential customers not to buy the item because of its black-and-white look-alike status, some text “I miss you more than life” of megabytes a ghost and engraving a trip around the world He himself did not sanctify, in the next post he was sharper. He wrote that the collection was “garbage” – and reiterated that people should not buy it.

“I did not agree to the new trade that H&M devised. It all happened without my knowledge and confirmation. If I were you, I would not buy it.” Bieber wrote on Instagram, using the slang abbreviation “smh,” which means “shaking my head.” “The kit they used on me is rubbish,” He completed.

Reactions to the whole situation soon began circulating on social networks. While some acknowledged Bieber’s position and agreed that a person could not use someone else’s author’s designs without consent, others, on the contrary, supported H&M, which, according to them, gives them the opportunity to purchase thematic clothes for more affordable money with such collections. .

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The famous Swedish fashion chain, which is the second largest network of its kind (after the Spanish group Intidex, the parent company of Zara) with sales last year of about twenty-four billion dollars, commented on Bieber’s contributions to the style that As with all other licensed products and partnerships, it has followed appropriate approval procedures.. What exactly didn’t H&M offer?

H&M usually uses the names of celebrities quite often, which it puts in various graphic shapes on its clothing, which is usually geared towards street fashion. A good example is the official groups with American singer Billie Eilish, British actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from game of thrones) or former English footballer David Beckham.

However, in order to maintain “good relations with Bieber”, H&M finally decided to withdraw the collection, which consists of hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts with bold prints, from physical and online sales. At this moment, it should not be properly available anywhere. However, it should be noted that the company has actually sold clothing with Bieber motifs several times in the past. And also apparently without any consent from Bieber.

However, the famous Canadian singer may now have a slightly more specific opinion on fashion collaborations. He has his own brand called Drew House (Drew is his middle name), which he launched in 2018 with longtime partner Ryan Goode. Stand out with a big smiley yellow symbol decoration and build an entire community around it.