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Kakajic Messi and Trump. In Barcelona, ​​selling statues of Catalan nativity scenes

The form of the so-called caganera (i.e. kakka) has a centuries-old tradition and was in the past a farmer, thus fertilizing the field. This number is therefore a symbol of the Benet Test family and families.

The newly opened store, located in the historic district of Barri Gòtic, offers to buy 530 different politicians, musicians, historical figures, film and literary. They include the second Queen of Alberta, former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, current presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, as well as his deputy, Kamala Harisov, and former chancellor Angela Merkel.

You can also buy kayaks by Marilyn Monroe, environmental activist Greta Thunberg and David by Michelangelo, as well as Pape Frantica.

You can also see in the sale of coordinated betel shapes how to make and operate things. In the future, tourists should be able to paint their statues there.

We want tourists to get acquainted with the production of this souvenir that is a symbol of Catalonia, says local television Marc Ales of the Als-Pla family company, which has been producing these figures for thirty years.

Among the bestsellers in previous years were the American presidents, the motivational award and the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, who played for FC Barcelona Kaganirov until the summer, and you can also buy online with rouk.

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