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كريم قاسم يحضر العرض الخاص لفيلم "عاش يا كابتن".. صور

Karim Kassem attends the special screening of the movie “Long Live Captain”… Photos

The special screening of the long documentary film “Long Live Captain” witnessed a great interaction from the audience, in the presence of the director of the work, Mai Zayed, the artist Karim Kassem, the artist Amr El-Qadi and a number of journalists and critics.

After the show, director Mai Zayed expressed her happiness with the reactions she received to the film, and the arrival of his idea to the audience who interacted with him, whether in happy or sad scenes, and coexisted with the heroes, and also talked about the conditions of filming that took a long time, behind the scenes of work and the circumstances of the heroes.


The film was recently shown at the Cairo International Film Festival, and won three awards, namely the Bronze Pyramid Award, the Isis Award and the Audience Award Youssef Sherif Rizkallah.


The screening of the film to the general public in Cairo coincides with its screening at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, where it was selected by the festival among five films that are shown in cinemas in various English cities, including London, Liverpool, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, Belfast, Cardiff.


It is also shown for the first time in China through the Shanghai International Film Festival within the special program of Documentary Films in its twenty-third session.

Over the course of 4 years, the film follows the journey of “Zabiba”, a fourteen-year-old Egyptian girl, who seeks to achieve her dream of being the world champion in weightlifting, like the daughter of her coach, Nahla Ramadan, the former world champion and pioneer of the game in Egypt, the Arab world and Africa. My day is under the supervision of Captain Ramadan, who has spent more than 20 years training and qualifying girls for weightlifting in the streets of Alexandria.

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“Long Live Captain” was written, directed and produced by Mai Zayed, edited by Sarah Abdullah, filmed by Mohamed El Hadidy, sound tape designed by Samir Nabil and Brian Derby, and music by Marianne Montreb. The film was shown in the Documentary Competition of the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada in its world premiere. It was screened at the Duke New York Festival “the largest documentary film festival in the United States of America” ​​and won the Golden Dove Award for Best Film in the German Film Competition at the Duke Leipzig Festival in Germany “the oldest documentary film festival in the world”.