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Vévodkyně Kate

Kate first spoke of Lillipet. Questions about the girl weren’t fun for her

On Friday, the Duchess and First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, visited a school in Cornwall. And there she could not escape the question of Prince Harry’s newborn daughter and wife Meghan, Lillibit Diana.

According to body language expert Judy James, her questions about the girl drove her crazy. “Kate treated it with some kindness, but there is no doubt that it was an embarrassing moment that Kate seemed to resent,” she told the British daily. the sun.

“When the question is asked, there is a warning on her face, as if she does not expect to be dealt with directly,” the expert added. Kate reportedly wanted to refuse to answer at first, as evidenced by the expression on her lips. But after a while a big smile appeared. She even clapped her hands to indicate excitement at the mention of the newborn.

Journalists initially asked her if she had any desires for the girl. “I wish her all the best, I can’t wait to meet her,” replied Kate, acknowledging that she had not seen her yet. “We haven’t met her yet, but hopefully soon,” the Duchess added.

She also confirmed that they had not had a video call with Prince Harry and his wife since the birth of Lillipet Diana. The baby girl was born on the 4th of June, her name surprised people all over the world. It is a combination of the title of Queen Elizabeth II. Her grandmother’s names are Diana.