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كيت ميدلتون أنيقة فى فستان أخضر لامع لحضور عشاء رسمى بجامايكا.. صور

Kate Middleton in bright green dress to attend an official party in Jamaica .. Photos

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wore an elegant green dress signed by British fashion designer Jenny Beckham to attend an official dinner at the end of her fifth day tour of the Caribbean.

Kate wore a bright tulle dress with precious diamonds, which Kate borrowed from Queen Elizabeth to coordinate. Her elegant appearance with the emerald and diamond earrings and a bracelet that Queen Elizabeth owed him, the British Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales, when the Governor-General came to their solemn banquet, wore a black tie and looked elegant. King’s House Prince William received a few minutes of applause after expressing his “sadness” about slavery in a seven-minute speech to Jamaica. William and Kate met with Jamaican leaders at the palace.

Kate dress

Kate Middleton during the Royal Overseas Tour

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Kate and William
Kate and William

Gate camel
Elegant Cat

Kate Middleton appeared neat when she went to the Belize Jungle on the third day of their Caribbean tour and conducted a survival training class in the jungle. William and Kate went to the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB), Which has been training troops from the UK in collaboration with international partners in the equatorial environment, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported.

By design Kate wore a pink, shiny £ 2,500 dress Wife of the Vampire She finished her look with silver heels, and the Duchess wore gold diamond earrings, light makeup and an embroidered handbag, while William wore a blue jacket and navy shirt..

And became famous Wife of the Vampire Launched by a former supermodel Susie Cave In 2014, she dressed on the lawn and was loved by the royal family, especially Kate, who wore one of the label’s outfits in Dublin during her three-day tour of Ireland in March 2020..

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During the reception, Prince William Mayan spoke of the ruins and spoke of the conflict in Ukraine as “a test of democracy,” and he also referred to his grandmother’s speech in the Belgian Parliament in 1994: “Democracy must be preserved.” “.