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Kazem El Saher to the Dubai audience: “You are wonderful.” The audience replies: “You are dear.”

Amidst a large presence of various Arab nationalities, the Iraqi singer Kazem El Saher returned to Dubai theaters the day before yesterday evening, to perform at a concert at the Dubai Opera, in which the audience sang the artist’s well-known songs and swayed to the melodious tunes of his music.

During the ceremony, Al-Saher presented a wide range of his most famous songs, including (Ha Habibi), (Barefoot), (School of Love), (Painting with Words), (Lovers’ Day), and (Al-Hayat).

Caesar of Arabic singing surprised the Dubai audience by presenting his new song (Ya Doctor), amid great admiration from the audience.

During the ceremony, the expressions of mutual flirtation between Kazem and his audience did not stop, as the Czar described the Dubai audience as a “wonderful audience”, sharing singing and listening to poems.

And (Abu Wissam), as the audience used to call him, responded to the audience’s requests, when their voices were heard collectively with the song (This Color), so he stopped listening to them, then said, “You have changed the method of the ceremony.”

In front of the great interaction of the audience with the continuous songs and poems, Al-Saher was keen to express expressions of thanks and appreciation to the late poet Nizar Qabbani and the poet Karim Al-Iraqi, to whom he sang most of his poems. Over the course of two continuous hours, Al-Saher presented a mixture of famous songs, and was keen to present songs from his various albums.

Moments Events, the company organizing the party, said that the party was full, as its cards ran out more than a month ago, which necessitated the organization of a second party, yesterday evening, all of its cards were sold as soon as they were released.

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As usual, the audience carried roses and messages to Al-Saher on the stage, and dozens asked to take “selfie” pictures with him, so he stopped some of his songs to respond to them.

• The concert ran out of tickets more than a month ago, which necessitated the organization of a second concert. All tickets were sold out as soon as they were released.

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