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Kazma players carry Shabib Al-Khalidi, raising the team's flag, amid objection from Al-Arabi players (video)

Kazma players carry Shabib Al-Khalidi, raising the team’s flag, amid objection from Al-Arabi players (video)

date of publication:
March 19, 2022 19:25 GMT

Update date: March 19, 2022 22:10 GMT

During the confrontation that brought the two teams together, on Saturday, in the Kuwaiti League, Al Arabi players prevented their counterparts in Kazma from celebrating in a way that almost angered Al Arabi fans.

Kazma FC defeated Al-Arabi SC by three goals to one, in the match that was held today, Saturday, in the 14th round of the Kuwaiti League.

Kazma players celebrated wonderfully after the match, as they carried their colleague Shabib Al-Khalidi on the necks, after he contributed strongly to the victory of his team by three, but Al-Arabi players blocked the way of their colleagues in Kazma and prevented them from going to the fans; So as not to ignite their anger, as happened previously in the face of Salmiya.

Kazma advanced with a goal from top scorer Shabib Al-Khalidi in the 21st minute, and Al-Arabi equalized through defender Juma Abboud in the 31st minute. At the end of the match, Kazma scored two goals, scored by Jordanian match star Ahmed Al-Arsan in the 78th minute, and the substitute Omar Habeeter in the 92nd minute.

With this result, Kazma advanced to the 31st point, one point ahead of Kuwait, who had also won today against Fahaheel with the same result.

While the third-placed Al-Arabi received a painful defeat that froze his score at 26 points, with a goal difference from Al-Qadisiyah fourth.

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The pioneers of the communication sites circulated videos showing clashes between the public and the players after the Al-Arabi and Kazma match in the Kuwaiti League, as attempts appeared from the technical staff of the two teams to calm things down and not aggravate them.

The twelfth round of the Kuwaiti League competition, in the match between Al Salmiya and Al Arabi teams, witnessed unfortunate events at the public level after the end of the meeting.

At Thamer Stadium of Salmiya Club, the latter won 3-2, after taking the lead in the 29th minute through Muhammad Al-Huwaidi from a penalty kick.

Al-Arabi shocked everyone when he equalized the cuff in the 62nd minute through Al-Senussi Al-Hadi from the penalty mark, before his colleague Josep Knezvich scored the second goal in the same way in the 68th minute.

As soon as the Emirati referee, Adel Al Naqbi, blew the final whistle, some fans went to the stadium and skirmishes began.

Al-Arabi fans started throwing water bottles at the Salmiya players in the last minutes of the match, and Al-Akhdar fans broke the stands.

After the match, some Salmiya fans, carrying their club’s flags, headed towards the Al-Arabi fans, and celebrated in front of them. They provoked the Al-Arabi fans, who tried to clash with the opponent’s fans.

Were it not for the intervention of the members of the administrative apparatus in the two teams, a catastrophe would have occurred due to the attempts to clash between the two parties, which almost turned into bloody events.

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The victory of Salmiya was exciting and in the last minutes, which inflamed the anger of the Arab fans.