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Keaton Jennings and Ellie Threlkelt support gender equality in sports

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Lancashire County cricketer Keaton Jennings and Lancashire Thunder captain Elle Threlkelt attended a group discussion at the Expo Sports and Fitness Center on Sunday for cricket fans visiting Expo 2020 Dubai. Cricket Club.

The event comes as part of a joint tour of the men’s team with the women’s team of the first division playing cricket club in the United Kingdom during a pre-season training camp visit to the United Arab Emirates. .

Threllkelt said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our women’s team to be in Dubai with the men’s team. First, it shows how committed the Lancashire County Cricket Club is to improving our girls’ program.

Speaking on the importance of gender equality in sports, Jennings, who represented the UK, said: “It’s a big event. There’s a lot of research being done on creating a diverse workplace.
“It is very important to allow women to play full time. If you work part time or full time and try to be a professional athlete, it will be very difficult. Giving women the opportunity is very important in sports,” he added.

Jennings said he was impressed and impressed by Expo 2020 Dubai’s experience: “When you visit the site, you’ll be amazed at its size. It’s interesting and amazing to come here and be a part of the change and witness it. Life goes on.”

Expressing her thoughts on gender equality, Gedney said: “Elite women’s sport is on a fast-growing journey and sponsors have the same opportunities. On International Women’s Day, we are the first team in the UK to have a women’s team on par with men.

“They can be professional cricketers for girls in schools in the UAE and the UK,” he said. “We must keep them as role models and keep praising them. For example, Ellie Threlkelt, who is with us today, captains the team at the age of 23. She is from the EA Women’s Academy tour of Australia. Train in world-class facilities and facilities in the UAE and send these messages home This is a fantastic opportunity: the Elite Girls’ game is really here to stay. “

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