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Kegfal believes that the Olympics will decide and determine the future of sport

Kegfal believes that the Olympics will decide and determine the future of sport

Updates: 17.05.2021 16:52

PRAGUE – President of the Czech Olympic Committee (WWTP) Jerry Kejvall believes that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held in the summer, will be a turning point, give hope to people and decide the future of sport. At the moment, the Czech Republic has 54 eligible places, and the head of the Czech Olympic mission, Martin Doctor, hopes that more than a hundred representatives will go to Japan.

“We are convinced that there will be an Olympic Games,” Cagefal said in an interview with reporters. “The main thing is that it’s good. You decide what the whole sport will look like in the future. If it ends in pain, disease will increase and there will be problems, then it will be limited to the next period.”

So the preparation for the Olympiad takes place in a non-standard environment. Detailed brochures are prepared on how to act so that no one gets infected. Coronavirus testing will be conducted daily and athletes will be restricted in the game venue. Foreign audiences will not be permitted to enter the country.

“Holt, it will be a different Olympiad,” said Cagevall, adding, “History is broken here. We have to get used to the fact that everything is not in the utmost comfort and must be adjusted from time to time. We think so. It will go well and it will be a starting point for some normalization.”

In Japan, surveys show that nearly 60 percent of Japanese want the Summer Olympics and Paralympics to be canceled. The doctor said, “I always feel upset when you see thirty people protesting on TV. Everyone has news that we have news there. This is important to us.”

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Twice Olympic champion in speed rowing, the doctor tries to reassure the athlete so that he does not receive much negative news about the possibility of canceling the games. “I send them encouraging news. We cannot break it and believe in it to the fullest. We try to tell the athletes,” he said.

Over the weekend, four rowers extended the Czech campaign to Tokyo. “I hope more than a hundred (Olympic) will swing,” said the doctor. Much will depend on the success of the basketball players. The 46-year-old said, “If they succeed, it will be the evening of July 4 and we will send the final list of candidates on July 5. It will be difficult, but I will be happy to experience this complication.” Doctor.

Coronavirus pandemic complicates preparation for the game. The Czechs do not yet know whether the hotel will approve a hotel for Japanese overseas team members. Certainly, for the first time since 1982, the Czech House will not be established, where the athletes have met fans and partners, and it was previously a space to exhibit the Czech Republic in a particular country.

“We are very sorry, but the preventive restrictions in Japan and the concern of the Czech team do not allow the Czech home to be regulated. The safety of the athletes is our first priority,” he said. “Until now we have not received confirmation that it will work and we were supposed to send containers last week, which will cost millions. If it was a failed investment, it would be difficult to explain.”

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The Czech Olympic Committee discussed the joint vaccination of the Olympians, which has not been approved by the government. It is up to every athlete to be vaccinated. The medical committee of the sewage treatment plant recommends vaccination. The athlete will increase the chance of not being tested positively before the competition and being excluded from the battle for Olympic medals. “This will prevent sports tragedies that could happen. We appeal to athletes to get vaccinated, but it is their free choice,” the doctor said.

And preparatory camps and pre-Olympic acclimatization would not be in danger either. Athletes, speedboat riders and swimmers are planning to stay in Kochi Prefecture. “They are cool over there (in Kochi). The athletes have one floor, the other floor is free, and the swimmers have another floor. They want to book a plane to Tokyo and pay three lines in front of and for the athletes. It’s great. Cooperation,” says the doctor.

Tokyo Olympics physician Kejvale