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Kellner is officially considered the richest Czech woman.  The billionaire's children also acquired shares in PPF

Kellner is officially considered the richest Czech woman. The billionaire’s children also acquired shares in PPF

PPF Financial Group of the late billionaire Petr Kellner officially has a new owner, the widow Renáta Kellnerová. She and her four children took a majority stake of 98.93 percent in the group. The company confirmed this in a press release on Tuesday.

The PPF group announced that on September 23, the order of the competent court, which approved the agreement to distribute the estate of Kellner, who died in March of last year, entered into force.

Renáta Kellnerová, with assets of 265 billion crowns at the top of the list of the richest Czechs and Slovaks in the weekly Euro magazine, has officially become the largest shareholder of the PPF group with a stake of 59.358 percent. Then each of Kellner’s four sons owns a 9.893 percent stake.

“All the new shareholders have agreed to be represented by Mrs. Renata Kellnerova in relation to the public. There is no change in the current organizational structure of the PPF or in the way it is managed,” he said. in the message PPF spokesperson Leoš Rousek.

The information comes at a time when PPF’s new CEO, Jiří Šmejc, is working to change the group’s top management. Economic newspaper on Tuesday advertiser, that it is expanding to include directors from Home Credit and investment firm Emma Capital. The change comes after the departure of Ladislav Bartoníek from management, who still maintains a supervisory position in the group.

HN writes that Didier Stossel, who also leads media group CME, has become the group’s new investment director. Ondřej Frydrych, who has been associated with the PPF business for many years, recently added him to the PPF’s closest leadership on the Investment Committee.

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According to HN, the newly established PPF Investment Committee is now formed in the form of 7 + 1 – seven executive roles and one observer, i.e. the observer, which is Partonic. He quietly gradually withdrew from all executive functions and remained in his supervisory role. Together with Šmejc and Daniel Křetínský, he is a member of the Kellner family’s advisory board. He rarely goes to the company’s headquarters in Prague, and the payment of a minority shareholder is also discussed, according to HN.